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Interstitial Cystitis

Edibles vs. Vaporizing Medical Marijuana to Treat Interstitial Cystitis


Due to the intense pain that interstitial cystitis causes, it’s a common question medical marijuana doctors hear — “Should I use edibles or vaporize?” While the answer varies by your medical history, personal preferences and past treatments, it’s essential to understand the b Read More

Using Medical Marijuana for Interstitial Cystitis Pain Management


For more than three to eight million women, living with interstitial cystitis means dealing with excruciating pain, which can often lead to depression. While traditional pain management plans work for some patients, they’re ineffective for others. With medical cannabis, however, many Read More

How Medical Marijuana Helps With Interstitial Cystitis-Related Inflammation


While not common, interstitial cystitis affects millions of people worldwide — especially women. The inflammation and chronic pain it causes can make daily life difficult. In combination with other treatments, such as physical therapy, medical weed can help relieve interstitial cysti Read More

Best Strains of Cannabidiol to Manage Interstitial Cystitis Symptoms


Interstitial cystitis is a rare, yet painful condition that affects three to eight million women in the world — the disease is far more common in females than males. Due to the frequent pain that interstitial cystitis causes, as well as the limited treatment options, many patients are r Read More

Interstitial Cystitis


Unlike urinary tract infections, a bacterial infection does not cause interstitial cystitis, meaning antibiotics are of no help. While there is no known cure for the disease, there are, however, some options available for those hoping to relieve their chronic symptoms. One of these benefi Read More

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