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Medical Marijuana as a Palliative Treatment for Hydrocephalus


Beginning palliative care is a difficult process for both patients and their families. Ensuring your loved one is comfortable, however, is your priority, which is why more individuals in the medical community are considering how medical marijuana could work as a palliative treatment fo Read More

Using Cannabis to Treat Adolescent Hydrocephalus


While hydrocephalus often develops in older individuals, it can also occur as a congenital condition. In fact, for every 1000 births, one to two infants will have hydrocephalus. Due to its benefits, medical cannabis has become a growing treatment option for pediatric care, including fo Read More

Best Strains of Medical Marijuana to Manage Hydrocephalus Symptoms


Hydrocephalus, a condition that causes fluid to build up within the brain’s cavities, creates a range of symptoms that can leave patients in daily discomfort — even after having surgery. With medical cannabis, you can ease your chronic symptoms with a natural medicine that offers s Read More

Medical Marijuana to Reduce Cranial Pressure


For patients with hydrocephalus, one of its chronic symptoms is cranial pressure. The resulting pain often results in headaches and insomnia, both of which affect your lifestyle and happiness. With medical marijuana, many patients are reducing their cranial pressure, without the intens Read More

Medical Marijuana For Hydrocephalus


Once inaccurately known as "water on the brain," hydrocephalus is a relatively rare condition involving the buildup of fluid in brain cavities. The excess fluid in the brain creates pressure, which can cause long-lasting damage. Traditional treatment for the condition usually requires Read More

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