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Arnold-Chiari Malformation

Which Symptoms of Arnold-Chiari Malformation Does Cannabis Treat?


While only one in 1000 people have an Arnold-Chiari malformation, the condition can lead to many debilitating symptoms that affect a person both physically and emotionally. This disorder is present at birth and occurs due to a structural defect in the skull. The brain’s cerebellum e Read More

Which Strain of Cannabis Is Best for Different Forms of Arnold-Chiari Malformation?


An Arnold-Chiari malformation is a debilitating condition that one in 1,000 people are born with. A structural defect in the skull allows the cerebellum portion of the brain to extend past its boundaries and into the spinal canal. This can lead to an array of symptoms and complicatio Read More

How Medical Marijuana Helps Relieve Arnold-Chiari Malformation-Related Pain


Arnold-Chiari malformations, also called Chiari malformations, are an uncommon disorder that affects the cerebellum, the skull and the spinal canal. This condition, which is present at birth, occurs when a portion of brain tissue extends into the spinal canal. The disorder has the pote Read More

How Medical Marijuana Helps Treat Chiari Pain


Although Chiari malformations are rare and sometimes don’t cause symptoms at all, we still need to take them seriously. When it presents severe symptoms, the patient goes through great pain and discomfort from the pressure on important spine and brain stem nerves. And the standa Read More

Medical Marijuana For Arnold-Chiari Malformation


It’s natural to want more information if you have a diagnosis of Arnold-Chiari Malformation, as you may not have heard about it before. The condition can be debilitating and painful. Due to its side effects, you may feel conventional medications are doing you more harm than good. If th Read More

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