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What Symptoms of Arachnoiditis Can be Managed With Medical Marijuana?


Arachnoiditis is a chronic condition characterized by pain. Because of this, the disorder leads to many difficulties and can even result in permanent disability. Living with intractable pain can also cause other health complications, such as depression and sleeping problems, among oth Read More

Topicals vs. Vaporizers for Arachnoiditis Treatment


Two of the safest and easiest ways to medicate with cannabis are by using topicals and vaping. As an arachnoiditis patient, you already want to focus on your health, so getting the most health benefits as possible is crucial. But, both methods have strengths and drawbacks to keep in mi Read More

Pain Relievers vs. Cannabis for Treating Arachnoiditis


The nerve pain or neuropathy caused by arachnoiditis is a chronic symptom that’s often difficult to manage. Although the condition can create an array of difficulties, pain is the common denominator. It makes daily activities difficult, disrupts sleep, can lead to depression or anx Read More

Best Strains of Cannabis for Arachnoiditis Treatment


One of medical marijuana’s biggest strengths can also confuse patients. Like any other plant, cannabis comes in different varieties that we call strains. Even experienced cannabis users need to decide between thousands of strains that have their own uses. Things can get especially com Read More

Medical Marijuana For Arachnoiditis


A common reason why many people turn to medical marijuana is to treat their chronic pain. Arachnoiditis causes episodes of unbearable and sudden pain, which are often very hard to predict and control with conventional pain relievers. As a result, more and more people are now turning to Read More

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