Medical Cannabis and Coffee May Be the Perfect Start to Your Morning

Lori Ann Reese

Posted by Lori Ann Reese on 06/22/2020 in Medical Marijuana

Cannabis Coffee

Wake and bake? Some do! The idea of cannabis-infused coffee may sound pretty good, particularly since ingested medical cannabis creates a different body sensation. Some people prefer eating or drinking cannabis versus other methods of delivery, like smoking or vaping. A good place to start might be your morning coffee.

In October 2019, the first “cannabis café” was opened in Los Angeles, California. The Lowell Café is a fusion between a lounge and a café. They serve farm-to-table food, natural juices, and fresh coffee, and teas. Would you visit a cannabis café for an infused coffee or try to make some at home?

THC in Beverages is Nothing New

While major alcoholic beverage brands like Molson Coors and Heineken have recently invested heavily in purchasing cannabis cultivators and producers, many states are hesitant to allow THC infused alcohol products. The combination of both intoxicating elements has been discussed as a significant health and safety risk for patients.

Legislators do not approve for a variety of reasons, citing the potential of targeted marketing to minors. Nonetheless, some speculate that 2020 will be the year that THC infused beverages will explode in demand. This due to the fact that American consumers are looking for new, portable, and practical ways to administer medical cannabis.

There are no laws that prohibit a manufacturer—in a state where Adult-Use marijuana is legalized—from combining weed with coffee. It is no surprise that many companies have already jumped on the bandwagon to develop some pretty delicious dried THC infused coffee, and premixed iced cannabis coffee.

The Similarities Between Cannabis and Coffee

Some people prefer eating or drinking cannabis versus other methods of delivery, like smoking or vaping. A good place to start might be your morning coffee.

One of the interesting things about coffee is that it shares some traits with cannabis. New research has found that coffee affects the same areas of the brain as cannabis does. Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois looked at the impact of coffee consumption and stumbled on some interesting similarities between cannabis and coffee.

The researchers reported that increased coffee consumption lowers blood metabolites in the endocannabinoid system. We know that intake of cannabis causes an increase in endocannabinoid neurotransmitter activity. So, both coffee and cannabis impact the same neurotransmitters, but in different ways.

After ingestion, THC is able to attach to molecules called cannabinoid receptors on neurons in the brain and activate them (or agitate them). The chemical structure of THC mimics anandamide, a naturally occurring chemical in the brain that impacts messaging from the brain. It slows things down, unlike caffeine and coffee. 

That is a lot of complicated science right there. But who knew coffee and cannabis had so much in common! To sum up, when you consume cannabis with caffeinated coffee, you may experience a different sensation. You can expect to feel relaxed, less lethargic, and comfortably alert.

3 Tasty Ways to Add Medical Cannabis to Your Coffee

If you don’t live near a java “joint” that serves THC infused coffee, you can try a few different approaches at home if you have tinctures (drops). Tinctures can have a strong flavor and some can be a little unpleasant tasting. The key to starting your day with a THC infused coffee is to get a little creative with your flavoring.

1. Infuse Your Flavored Creamer

If you use tinctures, you already know that they can taste pretty bad. One way to adjust the flavor is to create your own THC infused creamer at home. Simply add it to your coffee every morning for pain and symptom relief.

It is a fast, easy, and affordable way to get around the not-always-so-great flavor of tinctures. You can also add it to whipped cream if you like a topping on your coffee.

2. Bulletproof Coffee, with a Kick

Have you tried bulletproof coffee? It’s basically your average cup of joe with a pat of unsalted butter added in. It tastes much better than it sounds—just ask your Keto friends. Now, add in a marijuana tincture. The fat from the butter can actually cut any harsh taste from the tincture and blend together for a deliciously rich flavor.

3. Iced Coffee

Don’t even think about freezing your whole flower medical cannabis to make an authentic iced coffee! When cannabis is frozen, the extreme cold breaks down the THC crystals and will slow the decarboxylation process. It could even stop the process altogether. Therefore, freezing is equivalent to diluting or weakening the effects of cannabis.

What you can do, is use that leftover coffee and store it in a jug in your fridge. Add a little of that THC infused creamer or some drops from your medical cannabis tincture into your coffee. Mix it thoroughly and pour over ice. You can add a little sugar if you prefer.

Some people who regularly take THC in their coffee share that the combination works better with a low-THC tincture. This produces a non-sedating effect with the benefit of potential pain relief. No pain and plenty of energy sound like a great way to start the day.

This article was originally published by Alibi.

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