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Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 08/04/2017 in Consumption

Marijuana Pizza

There are several ways to consume medicinal marijuana. Each method has its pros and cons, so you should make sure to find the form of marijuana that works best for your situation. If you use edibles, you may notice that most of the products available are sweets. Marijuana pizza is one way to consume marijuana without all that sugar, but enough goodness to disguise the weedy flavor so it’s edible.

What Is Marijuana Pizza?

Pizza is one of those comfort foods you rely on when you don’t feel like cooking. It can be a party food to feed a crowd of people, or it can be something you eat leftover slices of when you’re in a hurry for some nutrition — yes, pizza is nutritious. It contains representatives from the basic food groups, and a balance of nutrients.

Pizza is also soothing and familiar when you don’t have the energy to deal with all those crunchy vegetables or meat substitutes you can’t pronounce. When you’re sick or in pain, pizza is like an old friend who can get you to eat when you just don’t want to.

Marijuana pizza combines all the comfort of a food almost everyone likes with the medicinal powers of marijuana that will ease your pain and calm your nerves. At some dispensaries, you can buy a personal pizza with your medicinal marijuana already baked right in. There are also ways to make this healing food yourself at home.

How Is Marijuana Pizza Made?

A traditional pizza includes several ingredients that can be infused with cannabis. Making your own cannabis pizza is as easy as using marijuana infused ingredients such as:

  • Cannabis-infused pizza sauce
  • Olive oil infused with cannabis
  • Pesto made with marijuana leaf or cannabis flower

It’s probably a good idea to limit the number of marijuana ingredients on your pizza. Start by making a traditional pizza and including just one cannabis-infused ingredient. This will help you control your dosage. Also, keep in mind that a marijuana pizza looks the same as a traditional pizza, so you need to be sure no one in your household makes the mistake of helping themselves to a leftover slice from the fridge.

Follow these basic steps to create your own marijuana pizza:

  1. Make a crust. Don’t panic — you don’t have to make the pizza dough from scratch. You can buy the dough already made and spread it into a pan. You can also buy the crust already formed into a circle and partially baked and use that. Using some other type of store-bought dough or even half of an English muffin for your pizza crust is not against the law.
  2. Cover the crust with sauce. If you are looking for a traditional pizza flavor, you can use regular pizza sauce. But, the sauce is one place where you can add marijuana to the pizza with cannabis-infused pizza sauce. In place of sauce, you could also drizzle some olive oil over your pizza crust.
  3. Add the toppings. There are really no rules to this part of pizza making. If you used olive oil in place of sauce, you may want to add thin slices of fresh tomatoes. You can top your pizza with any combination of thinly sliced vegetables and meats.
  4. Include extra spice. If you can handle a little spice on top of the acidity of the tomato, or if you left the tomato out, add some pesto. Pesto is a combination of chopped herbs in an oil base that gives intense flavor. Be stringent with the pesto and spread it or dot it evenly across your pizza, especially if it contains cannabis.
  5. Bake and bake. Bake your pizza in a hot oven until the crust is browned and the toppings are bubbly. Allow it to cool for a couple minutes before cutting. Enjoy your healing repast.

Remember that you cannot share your marijuana pizza. It contains medicine that is unique to your needs and has been purchased with your medical marijuana card.

Best Uses of Marijuana Pizza

Edible marijuana products are slow to take effect because they pass through the digestive system. Because of this slow kick-in and the fact that the liver tends to concentrate the effects of marijuana, it’s easy to get too much cannabis in one dose. A marijuana pizza, depending on how it is made, could contain several doses and should be eaten over the course of two or more meals.

weed pizza

Edible marijuana products are not right for everyone. If you’re using marijuana to treat nausea, you may not want to eat a marijuana pizza and then wait for it to work. If you’re treating a condition that’s conducive to edibles but are sick of the sweets, consider trying marijuana pizza.

Some of the benefits of marijuana pizza include:

  • It looks like normal food, so you can eat it in front of people you might not want to know it’s marijuana — remember, it’s still illegal to consume cannabis of any form in public.
  • The effects of the cannabis will kick-in slowly and last over a period of time.
  • It’s not a sugary snack like most marijuana edibles.
  • You can buy it ready-made at the dispensary and bake it at home.
  • You can make a whole meal out of it.
  • It’s easy to make yourself.
  • The flavors from traditional pizza ingredients hide any harsh marijuana flavor.

If you don’t like to smoke and are tired of swallowing capsules, marijuana pizza might be a good option for you. Eating pizza has a more natural feel than taking other forms of cannabis and can easily be incorporated into your daily routine.

Is Marijuana Pizza Effective?

Marijuana pizza is as effective as the marijuana products you use as your ingredients. Making your own pizza gives you control over how much of which strain you’re getting in each meal. You want to pay attention to the dosing versus portion size. Whatever you normally take for one dose is what you should put on your pizza. If you double that, you won’t want to eat the whole pizza in one sitting.

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