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How Hemp can help heal the world

How Hemp can help heal the world

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 11/20/2015 in Medical Marijuana Research

“We are the world, we are the children
we are the ones who make a brighter day
so let’s start giving”

Michael Jackson

It is as if this song was written for the hemp industry. We sit with the power in our hands. The world can be saved. There is no plant on earth that has the ability to not just bring a turn-around on nutritional level, but when used to its fullest potential, almost all sectors of life could be helped.

Let‘s look at some aspects of how Hemp can impact the world and bring life changing effects.

Reduction of deforestation –

with the ability to grow super quick and the fact that it is acid free, paper can be produced from hemp plants. It can even be recycled more than 7 times. Most important though is that instead of the 30 odd years it takes for trees to grow, hemp is almost immediately available. Why are we not using Hemp already?

Replacement for fuel as we know it –

Oil from hempseeds can be used for bio-diesel and the stalks can be used for methanol or ethanol. The great thing about using hemp as fuel is that it is totally biodegradable and even smells pleasant.

Clothing industry –

Hemp clothing is almost indestructible. Because it is so natural, it is cool in summer and warm in winter. The more you use it, the softer it gets.

What about construction and building material? –

Hemp can be used for a variety of building materials and is pest free and fire free. It is very strong and plastic made of Hemp is biodegradable.

An advantage of Hemp for the farmer- Hemp is

excellent for erosion control and soil restoration. It is also a remedy against draught. Nothing of Hemp goes to waste. What can’t be fed to the farm animals, can be used for human consumption.

Nutrition and Hemp

Hempseeds are one of the most complete nutritional food on the planet. Hemp is high in potassium, magnesium and almost every mineral and vitamin the body needs. It also has high amounts of Omega fatty acids and has about 25% protein.

It is not difficult to see that Hemp is the answer to the problem of the world. It sure is a plant to get excited about. The question is: when will governments and world organizations see that too?

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