Edibles Market Gets a Culinary Boost In Arizona

Nancy Moraa

Posted by Nancy Moraa on 08/06/2020 in News

Arizona Edibles Market Gets a Culinary Boost

The medical cannabis industry continues to evolve, creating new products for patients. Edibles by far are a consumer favorite,  and now restaurants are embracing it too. More marijuana eateries are cropping up to serve the best-tasting edibles. 

Making cannabis taste good? It’s harder than you think. But “Good Things Coming” has been busy redefining the edible cannabis experience. 

Meet Arizona Edibles Chef Aaron Chamberlin

Chef Aaron has worked for over three decades at restaurants across the U.S. He currently runs two restaurants in downtown Phoenix. His culinary skills drove him to the edibles business that he helped found in 2019.  

 “I remember my first time tasting an edible. The edible was coming from a dispensary about three years ago. I was shocked at the awful taste. That was an eye-opener for me. I knew that I could make edibles taste good”. —Chef Aaron Chamberlin

After tasting the horrid-tasting edible, Chamberlin was inspired. He was a new medical cannabis patient in Arizona. He had just transitioned to medical cannabis after relying on prescription medications for years.  He made the change after experiencing negative side effects.

“I just wasn’t the same person that I was before,” he says. “I eventually met a doctor who asked me if I’ve used cannabis as a medical tool and as medicine.”

That is where the journey started for Aaron Chamberlin. He hadn’t used cannabis before,  but he was curious to learn more. After the legalization of medical cannabis in 2010 in Arizona, Chamberlin was excited about it. Being a patient of medical cannabis, he appreciated the legalized access to marijuana. And his preference? Edibles!   The problem? The edibles tasted so awful, he could barely stomach them. 

The Foul Flavors of Early Edible Cannabis Products 

 “I realized most of these edible companies that were emerging, not all, but a lot of them—they were just unserious people in their backyard, making stuff, not dosed properly, not tested,” Chamberlin shared. “The branding was horrible for most edible products. That spurred me to want to create an edible cannabis company. I wanted a much higher standard, with testing as a major impact, and something that tasted good.”

That was when Chamberlin co-founded “Good Things Coming”. He was successfully running five restaurants. However, the coronavirus pandemic slowed things down with the businesses. This was still a positive thing for him. He spent the time to learn everything he could about the cannabis industry. And he began formulating his edible recipes.  He wanted to create new edible recipes that would deliver more than a fast-acting cerebral or body “high”. Certain strains of cannabis can enhance the flavor experience.  Others can make you want to eat a whole box of cereal.  But in the middle was an opportunity to craft a culinary experience with medical marijuana edibles. 

And there is a personal side to the story.  Chef Aaron Chamberlin also became very passionate about cannabis and wellness after a friend was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  Not only did he want to create edible products that tasted good, but he wanted to make them as healthy as possible. 

Right now, recreational cannabis is not legalized in Arizona.  However, it will be appearing on the November 2020 election ballot or “State Question” for voters. The business that Aaron Chamberlin started has already built a good reputation with MMJ patients in Arizona.  If the state goes recreational, his business is going to grow exponentially. 

A New “High Growth” Partner for “Good Things Coming” in Arizona

Chef Aaron Chamberlin found a new partner in Copperstate Farms. This was a vertically integrated cannabis company that was very helpful in merchandising the delicious “Good Things Coming” products. Copper State’s labs tested many distillate forms, before arriving at the right ingredients for Chamberlin’s edibles. 

On July 9, 2020, Copperstate Farms Management, LLC, announced the appointment of Aaron Chamberlin as CEO of the “Good Things Coming” brand.  What is so different about the products formulated by Chamberlin and his team?

  • All-natural and gluten-free
  • Third-party lab-tested distillate from Copperstate Farms
  • No artificial ingredients or flavors
  • The products do not contain high-fructose corn syrup
  • Fresh fruit purees
  • Organic cane sugar
  • Valrhona chocolate brownies  with decadent chocolate imported from Venezuela and the Dominican Republic

With a passion for nutrition and healthy living, Aaron continues to innovate amazing flavors like Lavender Lemon Dros, French Chocolate Brownies, and Mango Chile Jellies. Good Things Coming also manufactures yuzu citrus, cherry, and pomegranate-infused edibles.  It takes a lot of creativity and drive to create something that excites consumers in the edible category.  And Aaron Chamberlin has the drive and talent. 

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