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Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 02/21/2018 in Strains

nighttime strains

Newcomers to marijuana medicine will find a wide variety of medical solutions for their health conditions. The term “medical marijuana” isn’t limited to just one type of medication. For example, medicinal cannabis products vary by the best time of day for use, meaning some types work better than others for nighttime use.

Marijuana experts categorize the plant into groups called strains. Like other plants, cannabis has many subtypes that look and taste differently. Different strains also provide various forms of symptom relief, so some strains will suit a condition better than others.

You can adjust your medical marijuana regimen to help you sleep at night and function better during the day. Using certain strains at night lets you take advantage of their benefits without feeling groggy at work or school.

What Does an Ideal Nighttime Strain Look Like?

You can find literally thousands of marijuana strains out in the world. So, how do you tell the nighttime strains from the rest? Determining a strain’s suitability for evening dosing involves mainly objective factors, but you should keep your personal needs in mind, too.

Out of the three categories of cannabis strains, you should prioritize indica and indica-dominant hybrids at night because they ease you into sleep and relaxation. Hybrids containing mostly indica properties can provide the same effect, but to a milder degree. On the other hand, pure sativa strains will actually give you energy, so don’t take those products before going to sleep.

Better-known strains usually have their medical benefits documented somewhere, like at a dispensary or online. Stick to varieties that relieve symptoms like anxiety, hyperactivity and insomnia. You want something that calms you down instead of winding you up.

Most importantly, think about your personal needs when you shop for a strain. For example, you might want a product that doesn’t make you feel groggy during the day, so you can go to work or school. Or, you could benefit from a stronger variety that helps you stay asleep.

As a rule of thumb, a good nighttime strain helps you feel good at all times of day. Even if one allows you to sleep, it could also make you tired in the daytime. Or, you may need something that addresses your symptoms at night, so you can wake up feeling rested. You may need to try multiple strains before you find the right one.

Popular Nighttime Strains

Some strains appear in dispensaries more often than others due to their availability or popularity. Some of the most well-known strains for nighttime use include:

purple kush

  • Purple Kush: As a pure indica strain, Purple Kush can help patients who need full relaxation. It relieves stress and promotes deep sleep. If you deal with pain or mood issues, Purple Kush can reduce those symptoms to make resting even easier.
  • Granddaddy Purple: While Granddaddy Purple also has a primarily indica profile, it also impacts your mind. You’ll feel both your body and mind relax as a rush of euphoria comes on. Patients who deal with muscle spasms or a reduced appetite can also benefit from its relaxing, appetite-stimulating effects.
  • Bubba Kush: If you’re looking for the most potent indica strain out there, Bubba Kush is a suitable candidate. Anxiety and muscle tension fade away, and you’ll instantly feel calmer and sleepier. Bubba Kush helps patients with depression, anxiety, muscle spasms, pain and more.
  • White Rhino: White Rhino tends to address anxiety more than insomnia, so it suits patients looking for relaxation rather than sedation. Although it is primarily an indica strain, it has some sativa heritage that adds a mood-lifting effect. If you have mental health issues that make it hard to relax at night, White Rhino could be beneficial for you.
  • Blue Cheese: Blue Cheese excels at calming your mind while offering a secondary sedative effect. Patients dealing with chronic pain can take advantage of its painkilling benefits while feeling relaxed and sleepy. You might like Blue Cheese if other indica strains are too sedating for you.
  • Blueberry: Blueberry has a history of earning some of the top awards in the cannabis industry. It’s no wonder why — after all, its relaxing yet euphoric effects can ease mood issues that get in the way of a good night’s sleep. If you only need a little help sleeping, Blueberry can do the job without making you feel groggy in the morning.

While dispensaries frequently stock these strains, you won’t always find them in your local branch. Some dispensaries will gladly order strains they don’t have on the shelves — you just have to ask. You can also ask if the dispensary has any strains similar to the one you’re looking for.

Questions to Ask Your Budtender

Feeling a little overwhelmed by all this information? Fortunately, you don’t have to know all the ins and outs of medical cannabis right away. Dispensary staff members are trained to answer your questions about the strains they sell, such as:

  • Will this strain help me sleep?
  • Do patients feel groggy in the morning when they take this strain before bed?
  • What kinds of symptoms can this strain treat?
  • Can this strain help me relax?

Before your shopping trip, write down a “wish list” of what you want from your nighttime strain. Then, jot down questions based on the list. Being prepared with questions can help you make a good purchasing decision. And, of course, when all else fails, you can simply ask, “What’s a good nighttime strain?”

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