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A Look at The Endocannabinoid System (ECS)


The ECS (endocannabinoid system) has been known for almost 30 years. It was characterized in the late 1980s. The mechanisms of action are explained very well in a December 8, 2004 article in Scientific America by Dr. Alger and Nichol. In that article they discuss the endocannabinoid system Read More

New Jersey to Legalize Marijuana


The newly elected governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy, and his fellow Democrats introduced legislation on January 9, 2018 — the same day Murphy convened — that would legalize the recreational use of cannabis by anyone 21 or older. The new governor says he based his proposed measure par Read More

Medical Marijuana and Probation


In the United States, medical marijuana occupies a grey area both legally and morally. Some states consider it legal, but the federal government doesn’t. While some people consider medical marijuana a legitimate medication, others don’t. If you’re on probation and take medical marij Read More

Guide to Traveling With Medical Marijuana


It would be wonderful if every U.S. state — and the entire world for that matter, would get on the same page regarding the health benefits cannabis has to offer. Until that day arrives, traveling with medical marijuana can be a tricky business – especially since so many jurisdictions h Read More

Medical Marijuana for Your Aging Parents


You want the best for your parents, especially as they reach their senior years. Many health issues can arise with age, and sometimes, pharmaceuticals just don’t cut it. In some cases, they hurt patients more than they help them due to dependency, side effects and other risks. But, what Read More

Cannabis Genetic Tests: What They Are and How They Help


Everybody reacts differently to medical marijuana. Some people’s bodies easily process the chemicals in the medicine, while others react negatively to them. Ten percent of all cannabis users develop a dependence that impacts a user’s ability to hold down a job, affects their cognitive Read More

Medical Marijuana and Anti-Anxiety Medication


Having an anxiety disorder can be stressful enough without having to navigate mental health care. Many folks with anxiety find they have to try all sorts of prescriptions from their doctors to find the right medication. Not to mention, you can build up a tolerance to the anti-anxiety drug Read More

How Seniors and the Elderly Can Benefit From Medical Marijuana


While we’re well past the era of “reefer madness,” folks seem to still have plenty of misconceptions about cannabis. As an elderly patient, you may wonder about the developments in medicinal cannabis over the years. You might even consider trying it out. It turns out that not only ca Read More

Medical Marijuana in the Workplace


The United States is in the middle of a marijuana revolution. But because these changes are still happening, not all laws and attitudes have shifted, creating a confusing gray area. So, how do we handle medical marijuana in our everyday lives? Many folks consider work as a major part of t Read More

How Do I Fill My New York Medical Marijuana Recommendation?


New York patients new to medical marijuana might be surprised to find it operates on a different system from traditional medicine. To fill a New York marijuana recommendation, you must go through a different process than you would to fill a typical prescription. No worries — there are on Read More

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