Athletes Like Strong Man “The Mountain” Love CBD

Nancy Moraa

Posted by Nancy Moraa on 08/10/2020 in News

Athletes Like Strong Man The Mountain Love CBD Marijuana Doctors

Champions+Legends, a CBD-based sports supplement company, launched and made a significant announcement. The brand’s first set of athlete partners was officially known. The two partners were Two-time Super Bowl champion James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Thor “the Mountain” Bjornsson. Thor is the winner of various Strongest Man Competitions, world deadlift record-holder, and an outstanding actor in the epic hit series “Game of Thrones. 

According to Forbes, Thor explained the products’ quality influenced his decision to join Champions+ Legends.  “I am always looking for ways to be a better athlete. CBD is still new for many athletes as far as supplements go,” he said.

He was also inspired because the company’s products are made from hemp and not psychotropic cannabis. Which makes it possible for athletes to use.  All athletes in professional sports cannot use THC and are drug screened regularly. 

Athletes Hesitant To Use CBD at The Beginning 

Thor revealed to have tried other CBD products before trying the ones from Champions+Legends. He expressed his disappointment in many products from other companies. He always wondered why the CBD products from those other companies worked for other athletes around him but failed to work when he used them.

“I was hesitant to use CBD at the beginning. Then I tried the Champions + Legends CBD products, I can say they are effective for athletic preparation, performance, and recovery,” he said in an interview. 

Thor also spoke of his experiences when he was in the competitions for World’s Strongest Man Contest. He spoke of how athletes push their bodies to their limits during that competition. 

“Often, the strain is the cause of inflammation and pain,” he explained. He singled out CDB as one of the methods he uses to treat inflammation and pain.  “My body feels great. I feel like I can recover faster. I can even push harder during my training sessions. It has been working wonders for me; I’m feeling better during and after my sessions.”

According to Sonny Mottahed, Champions+Legends CEO, CBD products are as helpful for recovery as actual exercise. 

“The product line that we’ve developed is mainly based on how the product is used and the dosages an athlete is taking for a certain time when looking for a certain type of effect. So, in the case of sleep, an athlete requires a greater dosage of CBD, while as an athletic preparation tool, it’s a much lower dosage and different products,” says Mottahead. 

The Athletic Community’s Fondness For CBD

When asked about how the athletic community views CBD, Thor said that it is receiving wide acceptance. Athletes love CBD. It is a natural way to reduce inflammation, which occurs after athletic exertion.  It can also help reduce pain and discomfort, if the CBD oil is high-quality. 

“As an athlete, you train hard, and you push your body. You will get a lot of inflammation and pain in your body. That’s why the right supplements are important. For me, CBD is the right supplement,” he voiced.

CEO Mottahed also spoke of WADA’s decision to remove CBD from the list of banned substances. He believes it is still early for most athlete communities, but significant changes are coming geared towards acceptance. He specifically points out a Major League Baseball case that removed CBD and cannabis from their testing lists. 

Thor, “the Mountain” Bjornsson, urges athletes to try out CBD supplements because they worked for him and might work for them. 

A Random Game of Thrones Question

At an interview, Thor was asked if he thought the series would have been different if the people in it would have had access to CBD. He believes CBD would have been beneficial during the filming of Game of Thrones. He singles out the tough fight scenes, such as the one with the Red Viper. Thor admits the mental and physical strain during these fights. 

CBD supplements are essential for athletes who get physical regularly. Most Athletes like Thor “the Mountain” love CBD because it works for them. Something that makes the aches and pains of the body ease, as well as CBD, will not become less popular anytime soon.

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