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How-To Smoke and Hot Box Safely During Covid-19

We're all trying to reduce our risk of contracting Covid-19. But have you thought about how-to make your smoke sesh safer? Putting a pause on hot boxing.

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7 Weed Apps to Bust Quarantine Boredom

Social distancing is the right thing to do. But it is also mind numbingly boring. Check out these 7 weed apps for some hilarious and educational fun.

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MSO’s Bypass Oklahoma: Cannabis Too Competitive

Oklahoma developed a different approach when it determined cannabis business licenses. It wasn't concerned about MSOs. Most states in America start with a limited number of permits. Some business licenses…

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Curaleaf Gets $50 Million in New Funding

Watching the rapid growth of Curaleaf is much like a game of Pac Man. But the company is not randomly gobbling up companies. It's a winning strategy.

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CBD in Oklahoma: Do You Need a Card?

Just because Oklahoma is the state with the second-highest number of marijuana dispensaries doesn’t mean everyone can buy. In fact, while the state of Oklahoma does have an inclusive qualifying condition…

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Erectile Dysfunction, Cannabis and Men’s Health

As more states legalize cannabis, other wellness benefits can be explored. For example, does cannabis help reduce pain, which can enhance sexual performance? Are there any therapeutic benefits to using…

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Can we Save the Bees with Cannabis Trees?

There are more than 20,000 species of bees on the planet. Pretty impressive, right? And of all those species, the human race chose one (the honeybee) to domesticate. Farms learned…

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Sports Injuries and Recovery With Medical Cannabis

We know that the tens of millions of dollars that professional athletes get paid cannot compensate for life with unresolved pain. And as federal lawmakers address the prohibition of cannabis,…

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Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC Have Very Different Effects

ot all THC is equal? For many people who use cannabis therapeutically (or recreationally), a high is a high, right? Well, it turns out that there are variants in THC.…

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Chuck Schumer Says Legalization May Happen Sooner

Politics have been really interesting this past year.  So has the progress in cannabis legalization. Now, all eyes are on Chuck Schumer. There were so many firsts; it is hard…