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Recreational Vote Inspires Infrastructure Plans In NJ

New Jersey is a promising retail cannabis market. Many Cannabis businesses have set their sights on recreational retail. Major players in the retail cannabis market are counting down to the…

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600 MMJ Patients Must Recertify After Fraud Revealed

Telemedicine is a way for patients to get the recommendation they need for a medical marijuana card. The Covid-19 health emergency pushed telemedicine regulations in states that required in-person appointments.…

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Ketamine Can Help Veterans With PTSD

Imagine waking up in the morning, and feeling like you are still at the front line. For American veterans, the horror and fear that they faced during their combat time can…

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Louisiana’s Historical Black University Starts THC Line

While some states are talking about social equity in business licensing, Louisiana “walked the talk”.  Southern University is a black university, with a rich history. It's also the first school…

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Cannabis Delivery Should Stay After Covid-19 Goes

It will be over someday. Hopefully soon. The Covid-19 pandemic that has changed the American cannabis industry in many ways. The designation of medical cannabis as an “essential service” did more than…

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Cannabis Patients Use Fewer Healthcare Resources?

Sativa strains of cannabis can have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Medical cannabis patients experience fewer hospitalizations for inflammation and chronic diseases.

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Psychedelics May Be Breakthrough Therapy for Depression

By now, we know that most pain or psychotropic medications can be bad for us. But every year, doctors prescribe them to millions of people for depression. In 2018, 168,158,611…

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Canada’s Problem: Too Much Dry Cannabis Flower

In states where cannabis has become legalized, we see a trend of intense consumer interest immediately after statewide medical or recreational marijuana is legalized.

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Where are the Black-Owned Cannabis Dispensaries?

Just like most of America, the cannabis industry has a racial bias problem. The deck is frequently stacked against black and brown entrepreneurs who want to break into the legalized…

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CannaGlobal Ramps Up for Psilocybin Treatments

Lorne Gertner the co-founder of Tokyo Smoke announced he is jumping into the psychedelic mushroom business.