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Canada Medical Marijuana

High-Time for Legislation, Says Leader of Liberal Party in Canada


cannabis flag crowds 560x420

Justin Trudeau, Politician and leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, recently addressed a group of fans and supporters in Kelowna B.C. on July 23rd. He boldly told the crowd, “I’m actually not in favor of decriminalizing cannabis. I’m in favor of legalizing it.” Trudeau believes that by taxing and regulating Cannabis federally, recreational use among the youth will... Read more

Calgary Requests to Be Informed on Legal Marijuana Grow-Ops


City officials of Calgary are requesting to be kept in the loop when it comes to marijuana being grown within the city. Calgary’s council had passed a motion that asks Health Canada to disclose the locations of licensed growing operations. At this current time, the city’s police and safety regulators are not told where legal grow operations are located. Director of Health... Read more

Canada’s Crown Tries to Overturn Controversial Pot Ruling


The Crown, otherwise known as Canada’s legal embodiment of governance, argued on Monday with Ontario’s Court of Appeal in order to try and overturn a controversial ruling that struck down the federal legislation’s governing access to medicinal marijuana. The court case revolves around a Torontonian marijuana activist by the name of Matthew Mernagh, who used medicinal marijuana... Read more