Pain Remains the Number One Reason for Medicinal Marijuana Use

As of May 2018, Statista was reporting over two million legal medical marijuana patients in the United States. By February 2019, when Health Affairs released its report on qualifying conditions medical cannabis license holders claimed, that number had grown.

The Health Affairs report found that chronic pain reigned supreme as the most common qualifying condition legal medicinal marijuana users cited for their cannabis use. But this wasn’t exactly news—chronic pain has always been the number one medical reason people turn to cannabis for.

At the time of data compilation, 20 states and the District of Columbia had registry data available on medicinal marijuana patients. What they found was that 85.5 percent of medicinal marijuana users experienced substantial or conclusive evidence of therapeutic efficacy.

With several states now fully legal, thus eliminating the need for a medicinal marijuana registry in those areas, it’s hard to know how many more people may be benefiting medically from the use of cannabis. But for chronic pain sufferers, those benefits remain clear.

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