The term “zig-zag” has become synonymous with rolling cannabis into a joint and was specifically referenced by Afroman in his song “Crazy Rap” as well as Dr. Dre giving homage to it with his first solo album “Chronic.”

This term originates from the well-known global rolling paper brand Zig Zag, originally named such because of the Z shape the interweaved papers make when pulled from the package. This patented process originated in 1894 by the Baunstein Brothers to create a packaging process that allowed the papers to automatically dispense from a booklet one at a time. It’s still in use today.

As for the references to pop culture that this term originates, Dr. Dre released his first solo album “Chronic” with the homage to Zig Zag rolling paper on the album cover; a depiction of himself within the Zig Zag logo.

The Afroman song “Crazy Rap” contains the following lyrics:

“Colt 45 and two Zig Zags, baby that’s all we need.
We can go to the park after dark, smoke that tumbleweed.”

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