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As more states legalize marijuana for medical and recreational purposes, it’s important for patients to keep abreast of political and other developments. It’s a critical time for people interested in medical marijuana news, and can help you stay well informed. Whether developments entail new marijuana-related treatments, issues in the political realm or other news, we’ll continue to be your trusted source for reliable information. For the latest updates, check out our resources on trends, research and studies, our medical marijuana blog or sign up for our free newsletter.

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Trends in Medical Marijuana News

Marijuana continues to gain acceptance throughout the country, so you can expect cannabis news to increase. For example, major manufacturers will more than likely start to develop products with cannabis extracts. The beauty industry in particular is expected to eventually introduce eye creams, skin moisturizers and many other products that will help consumers take advantage of the healing properties of the cannabis plant. In states where recreational use is legal, the pot industry is also headed in unexpected, exciting directions. Organized cannabis clubs are planning activities centered around pot.

Trends in Cannabis Products


The environmental effects of pot will continue to make the news as well, as growers focus on more earth-friendly ways to cultivate the plant and reduce their impact on the planet. Solar power and other sustainable forms of energy will increasingly be used to cultivate weed, and savvy consumers will be on the lookout for responsibly generated products.

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We’ll also include information about new marijuana-related products entering the market. While function has largely been the driving factor behind many tools and accessories, companies are starting to focus on quality and design as well, producing products that are as beautiful as they are functional. Emerging cannabis companies will be on the lookout for the best employees possible, and you can expect high-level professionals to start leaving established corporations as a result.

We’ll explore many topics as we strive to bring you the latest in medical marijuana news. We understand the topic can be confusing — possibly even overwhelming. When you need information on medical cannabis, you can turn to us first. If you’re a patient, you can always count on us to bring you relevant, timely news that will help better guide your decisions regarding your treatment. If you’re a doctor, we will keep you abreast of state laws that could affect your medical marijuana practice.