Wyoming CBD Program


Many states without medical cannabis programs have CBD programs in place. These laws give select patients access to the medicine cannabidiol (CBD). CBD comes from marijuana, but it doesn’t make you feel high, making it seem more acceptable to some politicians. Wyoming’s CBD program gives patients legal protection.

Medical CBD Laws in Wyoming

Patients with a condition that the state considers “intractable epilepsy” can join a CBD registry. When they get approved, they receive a Hemp Extract Registration Card. A registered patient can show this card as proof that they cannot receive civil or criminal penalties for using CBD. The law calls CBD oil “hemp extract” and specifies that it must have less than 0.3 percent THC and more than 15 percent CBD.

You may get retail CBD products without a card, but only if it has no THC. The Division of Criminal Investigation clarified this rule in 2018. If CBD oil has a THC content that is above zero but below 0.3 percent, it counts as hemp extract. Wyoming considers anything with more than 0.3 percent THC an illegal substance. It is nearly impossible to create CBD oil with no traces of THC. So, this law effectively bans buying CBD without a card.

Which Conditions Receive Legal CBD Treatment?

You can become an official CBD patient if you have “intractable epilepsy” as defined by House Bill 32. HB 32 considers an epilepsy case that does not respond to treatment intractable epilepsy. Only a licensed neurologist can officially declare this diagnosis. You cannot get a recommendation from a general practitioner or another type of doctor.

How Do I Get a CBD Card?

Eligible patients can get Hemp Extract Registration Cards through the Wyoming Department of Health. Signing up involves an official application form, a written certification and a patient evaluation record. You need to get the latter two items from a licensed neurologist.

Once you become eligible for care, you must find a source outside of Wyoming for your medicine. Take care when transporting your CBD over state lines. Taking any kind of marijuana across states can count as illegal under federal law. Wyoming has no official sources for medicine.

A Foundation for Relief

Wyoming’s CBD program has many of the aspects of a typical medical marijuana program. It features a registry and recommendations. With the related laws already in place, lawmakers can expand them to apply to cannabis medicine. In the future, the existence of a CBD program can make establishing a full program easier.