Kansas CBD Program

Updated on June 15, 2020.  Medical content reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer

Cannabidiol (CBD) does not cause a “high” and offers some of the health benefits of the marijuana plant. These factors make it more acceptable in the eyes of some lawmakers. That’s why some states have programs featuring CBD-focused medicine. Kansas does not have such a program, but it does allow the sale and use of some types of CBD.

Kansas CBD Content Laws

Kansas does not have a recreational or medical marijuana program. It prohibits the use of most kinds of cannabis. You can’t possess anything involving any part of the marijuana plant except for the stalk. However, Kansas law makes one exception: cannabidiol.

Senate Bill No. 282 explicitly excludes CBD from the legal definition of marijuana. That means CBD medicine without THC in it does not count as a restricted substance.

However, some CBD medicines include trace amounts of THC. Many stores carry CBD without repercussions, but take care when medicating. Make sure your medication has the lowest THC content you can find.

What Conditions Does CBD Treat?

Since Kansas only has hemp-based CBD sales, you don’t have to qualify under a list of conditions. You can use your CBD to treat ailments like:

Keep in mind that hemp-derived CBD does not always provide people with the same relief as CBD medicine with higher amounts of THC. But, it also causes few to no side effects. Talk to your doctor about using it and see if it helps.

Do Patients Need to Register to Take CBD Medicine?

You do not need to get a card or join a registry to buy CBD. Instead, you can find CBD products at holistic and natural health stores. For an even wider selection, check online CBD stores. When you shop for medicine, remember to check:

  • The store’s reputation and reviews
  • Each product’s ingredients
  • THC and CBD content

Why Does Legal CBD Matter?

When a state like Kansas doesn’t have a medical marijuana program, every bit of help counts. Patients can still benefit from CBD medicine. If they weigh their options carefully, they can get quality care. Allowing patients to take CBD also gives lawmakers evidence that medicinal marijuana works. Hopefully, legal CBD will increase the chance of medical legalization.

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