Idaho CBD Program

Medical content reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer

U.S. medical marijuana laws conflict with each other all the time. You may already know the federal government and individual states have different rules regarding cannabis medicine, but did you know the substances in cannabis factor into these differences? Idaho does not have a medicinal marijuana or CBD program. However, certain exceptions may make it legal to use hemp-derived CBD.

CBD Laws in Idaho

According to Title 37-2732 of Idaho Code, marijuana is illegal. It defines marijuana as any part or derivative of the cannabis plant except for the stalk. Any substance including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) also counts as marijuana. The rules do not consider cannabidiol (CBD) illegal. In theory, these rules mean you can medicate with hemp-derived CBD, which comes from the stalk.

But, CBD oil taken from hemp often includes trace amounts of THC, albeit less than 0.3 percent. The legality of CBD oil may depend on an officer’s judgment. Natural health stores and online markets have CBD oil for sale, but take care when you use it or possess it.

What Conditions Respond to Hemp-Derived CBD?

CBD can relieve many of the conditions treated with THC. In fact, many patients prefer it over THC because it has no psychoactive effects. Try using CBD oil for ailments like:

Hemp-derived CBD oil usually doesn’t provide relief as potent as CBD that comes from marijuana, but it still helps many people. It has minimal side effects, so most patients can try it.

Who Can Buy Hemp-Based CBD?

You don’t have to meet any requirements to buy hemp-derived CBD. Patients of any age, residency or criminal record can purchase it. That also means hemp-based CBD oil has few regulations. Before buying, check for:

  • Product content and ingredients
  • Better Business Bureau and online reviews
  • The store’s transparency of product information

The Importance of Legal CBD

Thanks to CBD laws, Idaho patients can get some relief. However, we still have more advocacy to push before they get more options. Even a CBD-only medical marijuana program could give patients more potent medicine. For now, you can try hemp-based CBD oil for your symptoms.

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