AL Marijuana Qualification

Updated on May 26, 2020.  Medical content reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer

Alabama Medical Marijuana Qualifications

Who Qualifies for Medicinal Marijuana in Alabama

Alabama is still pending legislative vote. Under this legislation, medical cannabis would available to anyone 19 years or older who a physician certifies as having a qualifying medical condition by a physician. Patients 18 or younger would need a parent or guardian to administer cannabis. The bill would also create an Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission, which would oversee a patient registry and license medical cannabis facilities in the state. The state has outlined several key factors for the medical marijuana program in Alabama, but it has not been legally enacted as of this time.

The State Department of Health shall establish and maintain a program for the issuance of identification cards to qualified patients who satisfy the requirements of this article and apply to the identification card program in Alabama. Under no way shape or form has the state of Alabama approved of medical marijuana as of yet.

The department shall establish and maintain a 24-hour, toll-free telephone number that will enable state and local law enforcement officers to have immediate access to information necessary to verify the validity of an identification card issued by the department, as well as a secure, web-based verification system.

How to Become a Medical Marijuana Patient in Alabama

1. Must be a resident of Alabama with a valid Alabama I.D. as proof of residency

2. Obtain a copy of your medical records indicating that you are diagnosed with a qualifying condition. Learn how to request your medical records.

3. Obtain written documentation from a physician licensed in the state of Alabama that you are a qualifying patient. Be sure to bring your medical records with you to your appointment.

4. Apply for and receive a Medical Marijuana Card from the state of Alabama.

What Ailments Can Be Treated with Medical Cannabis in Alabama?

Patients in Alabama diagnosed with the following illnesses are afforded legal protection under the Alabama Medical Marijuana law:

Medical Marijuana Access

Some medical marijuana patients will claim they have a doctor’s prescription for medical marijuana, but marijuana prescriptions are in fact illegal. The federal government classifies marijuana as a schedule I drug. Therefore doctors are unable to prescribe marijuana to their patients, and medical marijuana patients cannot go to a pharmacy to fill a prescription for medical marijuana. Instead, medical marijuana doctors in Alabama will supply patients with a medical marijuana recommendation in compliance with state law.

According to Alabama medical marijuana laws, patients and their caregivers may possess one ounce of marijuana in a usable form and six marijuana plants, with no more than three mature and flowering plants producing usable marijuana at any one time. The state of Alabama does not allow for the purchase or sale of medical cannabis.

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