Idaho Medical Marijuana Qualifications

Who Qualifies for Medicinal Marijuana in Idaho

Sill pending legislative vote the state of Idaho has outlined several key factors for the medical marijuana program in Idaho but has not been offical enacted.

The department shall establish a registry of qualifying patients and their primary caregivers and shall issue a registry identification card that shall be valid for two (2) years to a qualifying patient and primary caregiver, if applicable, who submits the following, in accordance with rules adopted by the department:

How To Become a Medical Marijuana Patient In Idaho

  1. Must be at least 18 Years Of Age
  2. Must be a Legal resident in the state of Idaho with proof of residency
  3. A certification signed by a doctor that stating that in the physician's professional opinion the patient is likely to receive therapeutic or palliative benefit from the medical use of marijuana to treat or alleviate the patient's debilitating medical condition or symptoms associated with the debilitating medical condition
  4. Medical records showing a proof of diagnosis from 1 of the following qualifying conditions.

Idaho Qualifying Marijuana Patient Conditions

seizure disorder, including epilepsy, intractable skeletal muscular spasticity or glaucoma; severe debilitating pain, severe nausea or vomiting, cachexia or wasting syndrome, seizures or severe and persistent muscle spasms; Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, multiple sclerosis, terminal cancer, muscular dystrophy, or inflammatory bowel disease, including Crohn's disease; (d) Terminal illness, if the physician has determined a prognosis of less than twelve (12) months of life;

Idaho Medical Marijuana Access

Before issuing a registry identification card, the department shall verify the information contained in the application or renewal form submitted pursuant to this section. In the case of a primary caregiver, the department shall provisionally approve an application pending the results of a criminal history record background check, if the caregiver otherwise meets the requirements of this chapter

The department shall approve or deny an application or renewal within thirty (30) days of receipt of the completed application or renewal, and shall issue a registry identification card within five (5) days of approving the application or renewal. The department may deny an application or renewal only if the applicant fails to provide the information required pursuant to this section, or if the department determines that the information was incorrect or falsified or does not meet the requirements of this chapter. Denial of an application shall be a final agency decision, subject to review pursuant to the provisions of chapter 52,title 67, Idaho Code.