Vermont CBD Program


Vermont has a history of progressive laws surrounding medications, so it’s no wonder why CBD is so widely accessible to residents living in the state today. As the nation as a whole expands its understanding of alternative medications like cannabis, it’s become easier for states, such as Vermont, to make these substances available to the public.

One such product that is widely available is CBD — a compound of marijuana known for its healing properties and non-hallucinogenic effects. To learn more about how you can purchase and use CBD in the state, read on below.

Who Has Access to CBD in Vermont?

In Vermont, marijuana is legal for both recreational and medical purposes. This means that it’s even easier for adults to access CBD products — whether in a dispensary or through an online retailer.

Due to its low THC levels, adults can obtain CBD oils and products without a medical marijuana card or prescription. Any individual in the state seeking CBD oil for medicinal purposes should consider purchasing their supply from manufacturers that closely monitor the quality of their products.

In much the same way you want to ensure any medical marijuana that you obtain is top-tier, you also want to guarantee the potency and quality of your CBD supply, too. You also have the option to purchase your CBD products from an online retailer since these companies are legally allowed to ship their products to residents in your state.

What CBD Options Are Available in Vermont?

If this is your first time investigating CBD, you may be asking yourself, “What forms does this substance come in?” Since Vermont legally permits CBD sales and purchases, you’ll find it easy to access all of the different variations that you need.

Generally, many people associate CBD with oils. But, you can also purchase this product in the following forms, too:

  • Teas
  • Edibles
  • Vaporizers
  • Coffee

There’s no shortage of options available to residents seeking CBD products. But as is the case with any other medication, be sure to conduct a fair share of research on your options beforehand. When you know which products are ideally suited for your needs, you’re much more likely to form the ideal treatment plan that can bring you a much-needed sense of relief.

Invest in a Healthier Tomorrow

CBD is helping patients with a diverse array of symptoms and side effects experience relief. To learn more about CBD and other cannabis-related products, consider reaching out to a marijuana-friendly doctor in your state who can help you get started.