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Updated on May 6, 2020.  Medical content reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) is now actively accepting medicinal cannabis card applications
All patients must have a medical marijuana card before they can buy, own, consume or grow cannabis medicine. Applying for a card may seem overwhelming, but we can help. Read on to learn why you should have a patient card and how to get one.

Benefits of the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Card

Oklahoma is one of the more liberal states for access to medical marijuana. One in 13 adult Oklahomans has a patient card. With no qualifying medical conditions required, many patients find it easy to get approval, with many consultations happening via telemedicine. 

Other states with medical marijuana typically require qualifying conditions. Oklahoma leaves the decision solely to the doctor. The rules require they follow “accepted standards a reasonable and prudent physician would follow when recommending any medication to a patient.” The doctor recommendation form contains a section for doctors to list medical conditions and diagnostic codes, but it’s optional.

An Oklahoma medical marijuana card serves as proof you have permission from a certified doctor to use cannabis medicine. Since Oklahoma doesn’t have legalized recreational cannabis, you have to have a card to medicate legally. Cardholding patients have the liberty to:

  • Own Medical Marijuana: Registered patients can carry up to three ounces of bud on their person and up to eight at their home. They can also have up to six seedlings and mature plants each, one ounce of concentrate and 72 ounces of edibles.
  • Buy Cannabis Medicine: Your card lets you visit any dispensary to buy safe, legal medicinal marijuana.
  • Grow Marijuana Plants: You or your caregiver can grow up to six mature plants at a time. Buy seedlings and other supplies at a dispensary.
  • Avoid Discrimination and Prosecution: If you can prove you have a medical condition, you can receive a softer penalty for possessing up to 1.5 ounces of marijuana without a card. Meanwhile, cardholders can legally own and use an amount within the program limits.
  • Buy Medicine as an Out-of-State Visitor: A temporary medical marijuana card lets patients from another state have the same benefits as registered residents for 30 days. They must have a card from their home state to apply.

Who Can Sign Up for an Oklahoma Medical Cannabis Card?

Minors and adults alike can get a medicinal marijuana card from the state if they have Oklahoma residency. Out-of-state visitors can register if they have a medical marijuana card from their home state. Under state law, a board-certified doctor in Oklahoma has the discretion to decide if a patient qualifies. They must use the same standards they would for any other medicine.

Doctors commonly treat patients with medical cannabis for ailments like:

Keep reading to learn about the application processes for different medical marijuana licenses.

Oklahoma Resident Medical Marijuana Card for an Adult or Minor

Oklahoma residents can obtain a medical cannabis card by taking the following steps:

  1. A patient — and a minor patient’s guardian — must live in Oklahoma to qualify for a medicinal cannabis card. Adult patients must submit digital copies of documents proving their residency and identity. Meanwhile, a guardian has to prove their residency and identity, as well as the minor’s identity. Both adult and minor applications need to include a full-face, color photograph for the ID. You can scan your documents using a smartphone, or at the library if you don’t have a scanner at home.
  2. Patients who plan to get a recommendation from a doctor they haven’t seen before should request a records transfer. The records sent to the recommending doctor should include information about the patient’s diagnosis. Read our guide to requesting medical records from your doctor.
  3. Once you have your documents together, schedule an appointment with a cannabis-positive doctor. You must visit with them in person for your first appointment, but you may use telemedicine for future visits. During this appointment, the physician will evaluate your eligibility and complete a recommendation form if they agree with the diagnosis. Get a second recommendation and complete a caregiver form if the patient is a minor.
  4. Visit the OMMA application portal to submit your documents within 30 days of your recommendation date. Minor patients may wait for up to 30 days between the first and second recommendations, as well as 30 more days between the second recommendation and application submission. The application costs $100, but you can pay a reduced fee of $20 if you have Medicare or Medicaid.

Temporary Medical Marijuana Card for an Adult or Minor

If you need a temporary medical card, follow these steps to obtain one for an adult or minor:

  1. Out-of-state visitors must submit digital copies of identifying documents and the patient’s medical marijuana card. A guardian must also turn in an identifying document. The OMMA website does not mention recommendations, so contact them if you live in a state that only issues recommendations. You must also include a full-face, color picture for the ID.
  2. Complete the temporary card application on the OMMA’s online portal. You don’t have to schedule an appointment with a doctor or get a recommendation since you already have a card from another state.
  3. The OMMA will mail you a response within 14 business days of your submission, including a card if you receive approval.
  4. Your card will stay valid for 30 days or until your out-of-state card expires — whichever date comes first. You may reapply for another license once your existing license expires. The application costs $100 with no reduced fee options.

Medical Marijuana Caregiver License

To become a medical marijuana caregiver, you must obtain a license by doing the following:

  1. Homebound patients may nominate a person over 18 as their designated caregiver. Minor patients must name a guardian as their caregiver if the guardian needs to buy medicine without the minor present. The caregiver has to provide proof of residency, an identifying document, an ID picture and a designation form from the patient.
  2. The patient must get approved for a caregiver as part of their recommendation. After the patient turns in their application, submit a caregiver application using the OMMA’s online portal.
  3. Within 14 days of submission, the OMMA will mail you a response, including a license if you meet the requirements.

Search for a Marijuana-Friendly Doctor in Oklahoma

Ready to apply for your medical marijuana card? Search for a cannabis-positive doctor in your area today. We partner with compassionate physicians ready to help patients in need of relief. Every listing includes contact information, patient reviews and a practice description.

Once you find a good fit, schedule an appointment directly through our website. streamlines the entire process for you, so you can get treatment as soon as possible.

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