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Updated on April 10, 2019.  Medical content reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Program: Contact Details

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA)
Address: 1000 NE 10th, Oklahoma City, OK 73117 (ODSH)
Phone: (405) 271-2266
Website: Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Program: Information

  1. Patients must be aged eighteen (18) years or older. If a patient is considered a minor, under the age of eighteen (18), the minor patient must designate a parent or legal guardian as their caregiver and obtain Medical Marijuana Recommendation Forms from two (2) physicians. Forms must be dated within thirty (30) days of each other and the second form must be dated within thirty (30) days of the Application Date.
  2. Patients must provide Proof Of Identity via a valid, unexpired Driver’s License or Identification Card issued by the State of Oklahoma or a valid Passport issued by the U.S. Government.
  3. Patients must also be residents of Oklahoma and provide proof of residency.
  4. Patients must be evaluated by qualified physician and the physician must deem Medical Marijuana appropriate for their condition. Find a Certified Doctor in Oklahoma
  5. After receiving a recommendation from a Certified Physician, patients must then register as a patient with the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) through the Patient Registry and submit an application for an Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Patient License (Medical Marijuana Card).
    • Application Fees are $100Patients who provide proof of Medicaid (Soonercare) or Medicare enrollment may be eligbile to pay a reduced fee of $20.
    • All applications must be submitted online. Application Fees can be paid by Debit or Credit Card.
    • For More Information on Minor Patients, please Click Here.
  6. Within 30 days, If your application is approved, your Patient License (Medical Marijuana Card), will be mailed to the address on the application. Patients will then be able to legally buy, use and grow Medical Marijuana/Medical Marijuana Products in Oklahoma.

Recent Changes in Legislation

Note from State, on sources for medical marijuana

After the OMMA issues medical marijuana cards and legal plants mature, patients can get medicine from two sources. They can buy medicinal cannabis from an authorized dispensary or grow up to six mature plants and six seedlings. State Question 788 places no limit on the number of available dispensary licenses. [Information accessed August 9, 2018]

Applying for an Oklahoma medical marijuana ID card costs $100. Patients enrolled in Medicaid/SoonerCare or Medicare may pay a reduced fee of $20.

Oklahoma voters approved State Question 788 on June 26, 2018. This initiative legalized medical marijuana for patients registered with the OMMA. SQ 788 imposed a 30-day timeline for the State Department of Health to make application materials available for patients, caregivers and businesses. It also required the initiative to become effective within this timeline.

The Board of Health approved emergency rules for program implementation on July 10, 2018, and Governor Fallin approved them the following day. But, these regulations implemented restrictions, such as a limit on THC content and a ban on smokable marijuana and edibles.

On July 18, 2018, the Oklahoma Attorney General sent a letter to the Oklahoma State Department of Health, stating they overstepped their authority when drafting these rules. After receiving more guidance from the Attorney General, the Board of Health had a special meeting to overview the latest draft on August 1, 2018.

The revised draft lifted restrictions on THC levels, smokable and edible medicine and dispensary hours of operation, among other limits. Governor Fallin authorized these revisions on August 8, 2018.

In the time between this development and the deadline for permanent rules on April 1, 2019, the Board of Health and a legislative committee may further change the official regulations. Check back with for the latest changes.

Licensing for Medical Marijuana Professionals

Dispensaries, processors and growers complete a similar application process that applies to businesses. They all receive a commercial license that corresponds to their activities. Anyone who wants to have multiple business types must apply for separate licenses for each location.

A research license allows a person or organization to grow, produce, transport and own marijuana for research purposes only. They only need a single research license to conduct these activities, but they still must apply for a commercial license if they plan to do any profitable marijuana-related activities.

All commercial and research licenses come with a transportation license. Applicants and owners must be adults over 25 and Oklahoma residents. If an entity has multiple owners or managers, at least 75 percent of them must have Oklahoma residency. Principal research investigators and owners cannot have a nonviolent felony conviction within the past two years or a violent felony conviction within the past five years.

Business and research license holders must also sign up with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drug Control before owning any cannabis.

Possession and Cultivation Regulations for Registered Patients

Under SQ 788’s proposed regulations, licensed patients can:

  • Carry up to three ounces of marijuana on their person
  • Grow up to six mature plants and six seedlings
  • Own up to one ounce of concentrates and 72 ounces of edibles
  • Possess up to eight ounces of cannabis in their residence

Patients without a license charged with possession of up to one and one-half ounces of marijuana may cite a medical condition to receive a misdemeanor and up to $400 in fines. Regular possession charges have a penalty of up to one year of imprisonment and $1000 in fines.


Source: Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority

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Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Telemedicine

A patient and physician must establish a bonafide physician-patient relationship in order for the patient to get a recommendation.

According to Oklahoma law, a bonafide physician-patient relationship can start through telemedicine. The OMMA does not add any regulations stating that a medical marijuana patient has to have an in-person examination. Homebound and remote patients can receive a recommendation or renewal through telemedicine services without having to visit a physician in-person. Find a doctor today using our telemedicine portal.

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