New Jersey CBD Program


Marijuana has so many medical properties because it consists of multiple compounds. A lot of cannabis laws have definitions involving tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), marijuana’s psychoactive component. Meanwhile, these laws sometimes give the substance cannabidiol (CBD) more leeway. CBD relieves plenty of common ailments without causing a high. New Jersey laws mainly mention THC, making CBD’s status a little confusing.

CBD Laws in New Jersey

In New Jersey, you can get CBD extracted from cannabis through the medical marijuana program. Joining the registry gives you access to medicine with varying levels of THC and CBD. We often associate all medical marijuana with THC, but you can find low-THC varieties, as well. Any level of THC places medicine in a dispensary, even trace amounts.

THC counts as a controlled substance according to the Controlled Dangerous Substances Law. The vast majority of CBD products contain at least a little bit of THC, making them controlled substances, as well. Even a medication with a large amount of CBD and trace amounts of THC falls into that category. Some interpretations of federal law let stores sell unregulated CBD oil, but it lies in a legal gray area.

Many patients buy retail CBD without punishment. But, some areas enforce regulations harshly. Plus, the CBD found in your local health store doesn’t go through the same quality control as medical marijuana. We recommend signing up as a patient if possible to avoid persecution.

Eligible Conditions in New Jersey

You could qualify for New Jersey’s medicinal cannabis program if you have a condition like:

New Jersey accepts a wide range of patients into the program. Learn more about these ailments in our New Jersey qualification guide.

Becoming a Registered Patient

If you want to join the state registry, you must take these actions:

  1. Ask your doctor to certify you for medical marijuana. They have to have a registration with the program, but you can ask your physician to sign up for you. If they agree, you will get a patient reference number.
  2. Submit an application online. During the registration process, you will enter the number you got from your doctor. You will also submit identifying documents.

CBD and Medical Marijuana in New Jersey

Most of the CBD products you will find in New Jersey technically count as medical marijuana. We recommend signing up as a medicinal cannabis patient before buying or using CBD. Find a marijuana-positive doctor today to receive special guidance on your treatment.