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Updated on March 11, 2021.  Medical content reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer

How to Get a Louisiana Medical Marijuana Card

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Unlike many medical states, Louisiana does not require medicinal cannabis patients to get a card. Instead, they allow patients to get a recommendation and use it without providing a medical marijuana ID. Louisiana legalized medical marijuana in 2016, but patients will have access to medicine in late summer 2018. The state is on course to have full availability in early 2019 when both certified growers have their products ready.

Louisiana medical marijuana regulations allow patients to carry a 30-day supply of medical marijuana at one time. They may not inhale their medicine or use cannabis in its raw form. Only the two universities that hold growing licenses may raise marijuana plants, so patients cannot grow their own.

Primary Benefits of Getting a Louisiana Recommendation

You must have a recommendation from a cannabis-certified doctor before you can buy marijuana medicine in Louisiana. This recommendation will allow you to visit a dispensary and receive your approved dosage. can help you get started on the path to safe, legal cannabis medicine and the following perks:

  • Access to Nine Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Across the State: Since Louisiana does not permit recreational marijuana, you have to get it from a medical dispensary. A recommendation proves to your dispensary that you have permission from your doctor to make a purchase. Dispensaries sell a variety of medical products like chewables, oils, tinctures, pills and more.
  • Protection From Legal Persecution: Under SB 180, patients who legally own medical marijuana will not receive punishment for possession. However, you must provide proof that you have permission under the medical cannabis program. Your recommendation acts as this proof, so make sure to keep a copy on you at all times.
  • Quality Medicine Developed Through Science: Dispensaries receive their medication from two university-sponsored sources. These facilities create medicine that directly addresses the symptoms of Louisiana’s qualifying conditions. Your dispensary will stock medication created especially for your health problems.

Discover Marijuana-Certified Doctors in Louisiana in a Few Clicks

While Louisiana doesn’t issue medical marijuana cards, they do regulate who can write recommendations. Only physicians who receive a therapeutic marijuana license from the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners can provide a recommendation. If your existing doctor doesn’t have this permit, you need to find one who does.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do this search alone. Our directory of Louisiana doctors lists physicians with the license ready to see patients. We vet every doctor before we add them to our database, so you can rest assured they offer legitimate and professional services. Narrow your search by specialty, zip code and distance.

Every listing features details like hours of operation and contact information. To ensure the doctor will make a good fit, you can read patient reviews and ask questions. Once you decide on a physician, you can make an appointment right on our site.

Leave It to

At, we understand navigating the world of medical cannabis can feel overwhelming. Medicinal marijuana services work differently from traditional healthcare, requiring specialized knowledge. Even the medicine itself has different properties, but you have no need to worry — we can help you get top-quality care.

Our Louisiana qualifications page details the conditions that make you eligible for cannabis medication. Having a diagnosis for one of these ailments qualifies you to ask for a recommendation. For detailed information about the medical marijuana program, you can visit our state overview of Louisiana.

Special Considerations

Please note that your doctor doesn’t “prescribe” medical marijuana like they would pharmaceutical medicine. Many information sources, even those from the state itself, will use this language. A doctor can’t prescribe a federally illegal substance like cannabis, so technically, they recommend it. “Marijuana pharmacies” actually count as dispensaries and provide completely different services.

This only means you will have a different experience from traditional healthcare. Medical marijuana professionals have comparable skills and certification to standard healthcare experts. In fact, many dispensary owners in Louisiana also operate pharmacies. Doctors who recommend cannabis medicine have professional medical training with extra knowledge about medical marijuana.

Getting a Louisiana Recommendation and Medical Marijuana Treatment

To get a recommendation for medical cannabis in Louisiana, you’ll need to follow these parameters:

  1. Everyone who gets medicinal cannabis treatment in Louisiana must have a recommendation. If you have a medical marijuana card from another state, Louisiana won’t recognize it. You must also have Louisiana residency to get a recommendation. When you see a marijuana-certified doctor or go to a dispensary, bring your state ID card.
  2. Remember to transfer medical records showing your diagnosis to the marijuana-certified doctor evaluating you. A detailed diagnosis helps the physician make an educated decision. These records may come from your general practitioner or a specialist for your condition. Discover how to request your medical records for your appointment.
    1. If you need a recommendation for a child with autism spectrum disorder, you must get permission from a pediatric subspecialist. You may ask the recommending doctor for a referral or visit the subspecialist first.
  3. During your medical marijuana evaluation, you must receive an official diagnosis from the cannabis-certified doctor. This diagnosis must involve one of the qualifying medical conditions under state law. Eligible ailments include chronic pain, cancer, muscle spasms and seizures. Read our Louisiana qualifications guide for a comprehensive list.
  4. If the marijuana-trained doctor agrees that you qualify, they will write you a recommendation. This recommendation will serve as proof of your status as a medicinal cannabis patient. You will also take it to a dispensary to buy medical marijuana. Search for a Louisiana dispensary near you.
  5. Louisiana state law requires patients to renew their recommendations every 90 days. So, remember to schedule regular appointments with your cannabis-certified doctor. These appointments give you a chance to monitor your symptoms and side effects. Keep a journal or use an app to note what works and what doesn’t.

For more information about Louisiana’s medical marijuana program, contact the relevant authorities:

Stay up to date on the Louisiana legislation by checking regularly.

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