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Louisiana Medical Marijuana Program: Contact Details

Louisiana Department of Health
628 N. 4th Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
Phone: (225) 342-9500

Recent Legislation Changes in Louisiana

December 2017: Six doctors applied for permission to recommend and dispense medical marijuana. Three applications have been approved and no applications have been denied. The medical marijuana program is expected to be functional in summer of 2018. Physicians can apply for permission through the LA state website.

June 2018: Governor John Bel Edwards signed SB35 into law, which grants immunity to employees of pharmacies licensed to dispense marijuana operating within the scope of the state-sponsored medical marijuana program. SB35 also named two agriculture centers as growers of legal marijuana plants: Louisiana State University and Southern University.

Louisiana Medical Marijuana Program: Information

In 2015, the Louisiana state legislature passed a law with the intention of legalizing medical marijuana, however, the bill failed as a result of the language permitting physicians, to “prescribe” marijuana.

However, on March 13, 2016, Senate Bill 271 — signed by Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, on May 19, 2016 — was introduced to amend the failed 2015 literature, amending “prescribe” to correctly read “recommend”, which physicians may legally do:

“Prior law provides for medical marijuana to be prescribed. New law changes prescribed to recommended.”

Senate Bill 271 effectively gives physicians the legal ability to “recommend” medical marijuana to patients diagnosed with cancer; HIV/AIDS; glaucoma; cachexia or wasting syndrome; seizure disorders, including epilepsy; muscular dystrophy; Crohn’s disease; multiple sclerosis; spasticity, including severe muscle spasms.

Unfortunately, however, the bill does not provide legal protections from prosecution, for patients, growers, or distributors. Essentially the law allows for the lawful possession of medical marijuana, by a qualified patient; however, the bill contains no rhetoric addressing the distribution or cultivation, of cannabis, leaving qualified patients with no legal means to access it. Additionally, the bill stipulates that physicians are required to specify a dosage amount along with the recommendation, however, this ultimately puts the physician at risk of, again, violating federal drug laws.

As such, neither the National Council of State Legislature nor the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), technically classify Louisiana, as currently having a legal medical marijuana program.

In addition, Senate Bill 180, was introduced on March 14, 2016, “providing exemption from prosecution for anyone lawfully in possession of medical marijuana — signed by Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, on June 02, 2016 — however, this bill too, lacked the provisions necessary to protect the individuals responsible, for the cultivation and dispensation, of medical marijuana. And while it offers protection for patients whose doctors recommend medical cannabis, it too, requires that physicians must specify the patient’s dosage, along with their recommendation — ultimately violating federal laws. As such the National Council of State Legislature and the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), continue to exclude Louisiana, from the list of U.S. States with legal medical marijuana programs.

While these bills bring Louisiana one step closer to creating a workable medical marijuana law, and ultimately bringing compassionate care to those in desperate need, there would need to be a further amendment, adding legal protections for pharmacies dispensing medical cannabis, the single cultivator, and their staff — however, such amendments are currently being considered in the House.

Since Louisiana is still in the process of establishing laws, that will provide the structure needed to assemble and operate, a usable medical marijuana program, please be sure to visit our site frequently, for up-to-date amendments and law changes, as pertaining to the Louisiana medical marijuana program.

Changing Marijuana Laws in Louisiana

In March 2018, Baton Rouge Representative Edmond Jordan announced interest in introducing a bill that would legalize recreational cannabis. Representative Jordan mentioned that legalization would allow the state to also tax the sale of cannabis, which could generate a lot of revenue for the state of Louisiana. Previously, Baton Rouge and New Orleans have reduced penalties for possession of small amounts of cannabis, and Representative Jordan believes this is the next step for the state of Louisiana.

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Louisiana Medical Marijuana Program: Possession and Cultivation

Louisiana legislature does provide for the legal possession of cannabis by a qualified patient, but it does not currently contain provisions, addressing the distribution or cultivation of cannabis, And, although such amendments are currently being considered in the House, the state has yet to pass legislature providing legal protection to the pharmacies dispensing medical cannabis, the single cultivators, or their staff, ultimately leaving qualified patients with no legal access, to medical cannabis.

The state law, furthermore, prohibits the inhalation and vaping of cannabis and maintains a ban on the plant as a whole — additionally, all marijuana cultivated must be grown with the “lowest acceptable levels of THC, available through scientifically accepted methods”.

The Louisiana State University, and Southern University, have been offered the license for the state’s marijuana production facility — the universities have until September 01, 2016, to exercise their “right of first refusal”. Should the universities pass on the opportunity to be the sole cultivators of cannabis, for the State, the private sector will then be allowed to apply for independent licenses, to cultivate medical marijuana.

Louisiana Qualification

Find out Who Qualifies for Marijuana in Louisiana in our definitive guide of Louisiana’s qualification guidelines. Read up on medical conditions that are covered under Louisiana’s medical marijuana program, age restrictions, criminal conviction restrictions, and more.

Louisiana Medical Marijuana Laws

Read Louisiana’s Full Medical Marijuana Laws to gain full specific knowledge of Louisiana’s exact legal guidelines without interpretation.

Telemedicine Services in Louisiana

In Louisiana, telemedicine or Telehealth is a method of delivering health care services that make use of information and communication technology to enable the diagnosis, treatment, education, consultation and care management of patients from a remote location.

To practice telemedicine in Louisiana, the provider needs to have an unrestricted license for medical practice in Louisiana or a telemedicine license issued by the state. The provider may use interactive video to perform this service. Interactive audio is also permitted if the patient’s records have been accessed and reviewed, and the provider has determined that he or she can provide the same standard of health care as if the services were delivered in-person.

Find Licensed Marijuana Doctors in Louisiana

Recent amendments to the medical marijuana bill by the Louisiana state government now allow physicians to recommend marijuana in the form of oils for treating medical conditions permitted by state law on medical marijuana. We have designed an efficient method to help you locate doctors that can examine you, provide a written diagnosis and recommend marijuana to treat your condition. Access our vast network of licensed doctors in Louisiana and:

  • Enjoy Our Quick and Efficient Doctor Search System  It’s convenient to locate and get connected to a qualified marijuana doctor who is licensed to practice in Louisiana with our simple search tool. Just type in your zip code, and you’ll see a list of licensed doctors operating near you. You can also pick a city among those listed on top of the page and use them to locate doctors available in a particular area.
  • Go Through Each Doctor’s Profile  You’ll save time and effort if you go through the profile of the doctors connected to our network before you request an appointment. Our system makes it easy to see the doctor’s regular hours of operation, service fees and reviews provided by other patients. This will help you to know if the doctor can deliver the type of service you want at a fair price.
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Locate Approved Louisiana Marijuana Dispensaries

The state Legislature in Louisiana has approved the establishment of 10 medical marijuana dispensaries. So, you can now visit an approved local pharmacy that’s licensed to provide medical cannabis and buy your recommended quantity of marijuana. is committed to helping you:

  • Find Information on Dispensaries Near You  Browse through our directory of Louisiana marijuana dispensaries. You’ll find their physical location, telephone number, operating hours and information about ordering and pickup. The dispensaries we list for you are run by experts who understand cannabis as well as the best strains and concentrations that can provide effective treatment for various conditions.
  • Book an Appointment for Your Medical Marijuana  Through our dispensary listing service, you can contact the dispensary where you want to purchase your medical marijuana and get information on availability, price and any special deals. Use our service to save time, money and effort.

Visit our Louisiana medical marijuana doctors and dispensary directories now for additional information.

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