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Nevada Medical Marijuana Card

Nevada Medical Marijuana Card

Under NRS 453A, only a person with a qualifying debilitating medical condition who has applied for the Medical Marijuana program and obtained a valid Nevada Medical Marijuana Program card is exempted from criminal laws of the state for engaging in the medical use of marijuana. Medical marijuana patients must also obtain a medical marijuana recommendation from a physician licensed in the state of Nevada. Find a medical marijuana doctor in Nevada here.

How to Obtain a Medical Marijuana Card in Nevada

  1. In order to obtain a medical marijuana card in Nevada, you must first obtain an application form for the Medical Marijuana Program from the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services, Nevada State Health Division. If you are interested in recieving the application form, then please send a written request, along with a check or money order in the amount of $50 made payable to the Nevada State Health Division. Mail your request to:

Nevada State Health Division, Medical Marijuana Program

4150 Technology Way
Suite 104
Carson City, Nevada 89706

Contact Information

Phone: (775) 687-7594

Fax: (775) 684-4156

***NOTE: All application requests and changes to existing patient/caregiver records must be submitted in writing through the US Postal Service, UPS. or FEDEX only. Walk-in service is NOT available.***

2. Your written request should include:

  • The address where the application should be mailed
  • If you have a caregiver, include a request for a caregiver packet
  • If you are requesting an application for someone other than yourself, include that person’s name and address
  • If you are requesting an application for a minor, include a request for a minor release
  • You will NOT be able to obtain a Nevada Medical Marijuana Card if you hold a Commercial Driver's License.

3. Follow the instructions on the application form. Once you are approved, the DMV will issue you a medical marijuana card.

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