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Montana Medical Marijuana Card

Montana Medical Marijuana Card

In order to receive full legal protections of the Montana medical marijuana law qualified patients must register with the Quality Assurance Division Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services to receive a registry ID card, aka medical marijuana card, medical cannabis card or pot card. The fee for applying for state medical marijuana registration is $25, and $10 for a renewal fee. Full payment, by check or money order, must be made at the time of the initial application and at renewal each year. The fee cannot be waived, and the department cannot accept installment payments.

How to Obtain a Medical Marijuana Card in Montana

  1. Fill out the Montana Medical Marijuana Program Application* Form. 
  2. Have a physician  licensed in the state of Montana fill out the appropriate section of the Medical Marijuana Program Application, indicating that you are a qualifying patient. Find a medical marijuana doctor in Montana here.
  3. If you are applying with chronic pain as a qualifying condition, your physician must fill out the Physician's Statement for a Chronic Pain Diagnosis**.
  4. Additionally, minors must fill out a Minor Registry Application Packet, which must be requested from the department by contacting the Department of Public Health and Human Services, Licensure Bureau, 2401 Colonial Drive, P.O. Box 202953, Helena, MT 59620-2953.
  5. UPDATE: Due to changes with SB 423, all caregivers must now register as “providers.” It’s imperative that growers and caregivers complete the necessary paperwork to become a registered provider. Here’s the application***.
  6. Mail or fax the appropriate forms along withan application fee of $25 paid to the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services to:

PO BOX 202953
HELENA MT 59620-2953

Other Montana Marijuana Program Forms: