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Medical marijuana is not legal in Texas. Please join our waitlist to be notified when it becomes legal.

Texas Medical Marijuana Doctors

The Texas Legislature enacted the Texas Compassionate Use Act, also known as Senate Bill 339, in 2015. Under this bill, patients with intractable epilepsy may use low-THC cannabis medicine. Officials implemented the act on September 1, 2017. Qualifying patients may get a CBD recommendation from an authorized doctor.

Who Qualifies for Texas Medical Marijuana?

Only patients with chronic, treatment-resistant epilepsy may qualify for Texas CBD medicine. No other condition counts as an eligible ailment under the Compassionate Use Program. Patients experiencing commonly approved symptoms such as pain cannot ask for a doctor’s recommendation.

The patient must legally reside in Texas — the state does not recognize medical marijuana cards from other states. However, they do not impose an age limit on patient qualification. Minors can receive CBD therapy if they have permission from a legal guardian.

Why Search for a Marijuana-Positive Doctor in Our Directory?

You must get approval from a state-registered doctor to purchase CBD medicine. The language used in Texas legislation makes it difficult to find an authorized doctor without help. It refers to “prescribing” medical CBD when the prescription of medical marijuana is illegal under federal law. To avoid prosecution, many physicians in Texas do not register.

However, this also means authorized physicians dedicate themselves to serving their patients. Anyone you find in this directory will provide compassionate treatment. We want you to visit only the most understanding and knowledgeable CBD-friendly doctors in Texas.

Texas only permits CBD medicine provided by a licensed dispensary. Even if you have low-THC plants, you can’t cultivate them for medical use. Getting a doctor’s permission allows you to medicate legally and safely.

How Do I Register for Texas CBD Medicine?

Texas leaves it up to doctors to manage most aspects of program registration. If you qualify, your physician will complete:

  • Compassionate Use Registry Application: Once you meet all the necessary criteria, your doctor will add your information to the state’s Compassionate Use Registry. Many states require patients to manage their applications and pay a fee. You do not have to pay a fee, and your doctor will handle registration on your behalf.
  • Consultation With a Second Doctor: According to the Compassionate Use Act, the patient must get authorization from two registered doctors. The first doctor completes the recommendation and asks for agreement from the second physician. You do not have to contact this second doctor — your first physician will contact the second on their own.

After your physician gets another doctor’s agreement and submits your information, you’re done! You can visit one of Texas’s three dispensaries to get medicine. The dispensary will look up your entry in the registry using your ID, date of birth and the last four digits of your social security number. Guardians should accompany minor patients during their dispensary visits.

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