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If you’re looking for a medical marijuana doctor near Yorktown Heights, New York, we can help. Medical marijuana is highly regulated in the state of New York, but you can still find it in your area with some assistance.

New York Medical Marijuana Laws

Only state residents can attain medical marijuana in New York. You can’t use out-of-state medical marijuana cards, and New York doesn’t allow recreational marijuana. Simply put, tourists or visitors can’t see a doctor for MMJ-related purposes.

If you do reside in New York, you must meet one of the following two requirements:

  • Have one of the qualifying conditions defined by New York state, such as cancer, HIV/AIDS or epilepsy. You can learn the full list of conditions on the state site. The condition must cause cachexia, severe/chronic pain, severe nausea, seizures or muscle spasms.
  • Have any other condition causing pain that interferes with your everyday life. You must have documentation that proves you’ve tried other medical options and that you’ve had the condition for at least three months.

Once you determine if you qualify, you will need to get a note from your doctor that confirms your eligibility. They must be registered with the state for this note of eligibility to be viable.

After you get your paper, you need to register on the New York state website. It will prompt you to pay $50 to complete the application, but the Department of Health covers the fee for anyone who clicks the “Bill Me Later” option.

Then, the state will mail you your new MMJ card, and you can immediately go to a dispensary to get medicine.

The Kinds of Cannabis Medicine You Can Use in New York

New York only classifies certain types of weed as medical marijuana. These include capsules, inhalers, liquids and vape supplies. You aren’t allowed smoke your medicine, but you can consume it these other ways.

Your Assessment Appointment

In order get a certification for you to apply for the state’s MMJ program, you must go to an appointment with an MMJ-approved doctor where the doctor interviews you about your health condition. When you go, make sure to bring:

  • Proof of New York state residency
  • Medical records containing a diagnosis of your illness
  • A parent or guardian if you’re under 18

Doctors Near Yorktown Heights

You can check out a comprehensive list of state-approved physicians at the state’s DOH website. Keep in mind that doctors must opt-in to be included on the list, so not every New York doctor is listed.

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