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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Bowie, MD

In the suburb of Bowie, you can find medical professionals who want to help you get medicinal cannabis treatment. They can give you approval to get a medical marijuana card that lets you buy medicine at a dispensary. Learn more about becoming an official medicinal cannabis patient in Bowie, Maryland.

Washington, D.C. Patients Welcome

Maryland lets patients from any state register for medical marijuana. If you come from Washington, D.C., you can receive care in Bowie. While Washington D.C. has medicinal cannabis, you may have difficulty finding care or medicine. Registering in Maryland lets you get help with different approved conditions and shop at Maryland dispensaries.

Qualifying Conditions in Maryland

You may visit a Maryland doctor for medical cannabis treatment if you have an eligible condition. A disease that requires hospice or palliative care qualifies for treatment, regardless of symptoms. Patients can also become qualified if their condition doesn’t respond to traditional treatments.

Chronic diseases and treatments that cause the following symptoms also count:

Two specific diagnoses can qualify you for cannabis medicine — glaucoma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Do I Need a Medical Marijuana ID?

After you get approval from a marijuana-certified doctor, you can get medicine from a dispensary without a card. The qualification process includes signing up for Maryland’s medical cannabis registry before visiting your physician. Every patient who signs up with the registry gets a member ID they can use instead of a card. However, you can get an ID for an extra fee if you need to keep track of your number.

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