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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Bethesda, MD

Medical marijuana has been legal in Maryland since April 8, 2014, when House Bill 881 was approved by the House and the Senate. Since then, the state has awarded 15 licenses to industrial hemp growers, 15 licenses to medical marijuana processors and 102 licenses to potential dispensaries. The full program is expected to take off sometime this year.

If you’re living in Bethesda, MD with a debilitating condition, you don’t have to be in pain anymore. Before you start your search for a licensed marijuana doctor, though, you should learn more about the state’s qualifications and registration process.

Maryland MMJ Card Benefits

In addition to lessening the pain of your condition’s symptoms, there are many benefits to joining Maryland’s medical marijuana program. These perks include:

  • Low prices. The prices at Maryland state dispensaries are tough to beat. Whatever you have to spend to get your medical marijuana card will be quickly recovered by the low-tax medical products.
  • High-quality strains. When you shop for your medicine at a certified Maryland dispensary, you’ll know you’re getting the best products money can buy. Budtenders at these dispensaries often go through rigorous training to understand the effects of each strain and which symptoms they treat best. You’ll also have access to edibles, tinctures, concentrates and other forms of medical cannabis.
  • Complete legal protection. Of course, the best perk of all that comes along with your MMJ card is the fact that you can’t be prosecuted or harassed for using or possessing marijuana. Medical patients in Bethesda can carry up to 10 grams with them at a time.

Register Online

Maryland has an online registration process for obtaining a medical cannabis card. Once you’ve received a recommendation from a doctor and a diagnosis for one of Maryland’s approved debilitating conditions, you must complete the application online. You’ll need electronic copies of the following documents:

Finding Doctors

Finding a doctor licensed to recommend medical marijuana as a treatment used to be a difficult process, but it’s not anymore. Use our search engine to find reputable doctors, view details about their practice and request an appointment. Currently, there is a practice in Bethesda called Compassionate Care Centers that could be a great place to start your search.

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