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Medical Marijuana in Wareham, MA

Accessing marijuana in Massachusetts may seem confusing. After all, the state allows both recreational and medical users to obtain many different cannabis selections. However, you can benefit from enrolling in the state’s medical marijuana program — despite recreational-use acceptability — below.

Medical Marijuana vs. Recreational Cannabis

Although it’s legal for Massachusetts-specific residents to access cannabis for both personal and medical purposes, there are several health benefits to enrolling in a medical plan when necessary.

If you possess a debilitating illness or disease, registering as a medical patient gives you access to up to 10 ounces of cannabis at any given time — or 10 times the amount permitted for a recreational user who is only allowed to have one ounce of marijuana.

Imagine having a question about ideal dosages or intake methods for your medical condition. No need to worry — a physician can take care of that! When you meet with a marijuana-friendly doctor regularly, you receive access to the resources, advice and support necessary to experience maximum levels of comfort and relief.

Registering for Medical Marijuana in Wareham, MA

Even though you can legally access marijuana for recreational and personal-use purposes without a doctor’s recommendation, there are many more benefits to choosing to register as a marijuana-approved patient.

Whether you’re unsure of how to get started or believe the process of getting connected with the appropriate resources isn’t easy, you’ll be happy to know Massachusetts makes the process of patient registration stress-free and straight-forward.

To become a medical marijuana patient, be sure to follow these quick and easy steps:

  1. Obtain documentation that serves as proof of your residency and age (18+)
  2. Make an appointment with a marijuana-friendly doctor in your area
  3. Discuss symptoms and receive the appropriate diagnosis
  4. Register with the Department of Public Health to receive your medical card from the state
  5. Visit one of the state’s various dispensary locations

All it takes are these few simple steps to obtain access to the quality care you need. For more information on how to get started, take advantage of our comprehensive directory and connect with medical professionals in Wareham, MA, today!

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