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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Somerville, MA

When it comes to doctors in Somerville, Mass., some can help you register for medical marijuana and some can’t. We can help you distinguish the two and get a medical marijuana card from the state. Obtaining MMJ legally in Massachusetts can be boiled down into three steps:

  1. Have a doctor certify you
  2. Register for an MMJ card online or by mail
  3. Use your card to buy marijuana at a dispensary

Getting Certified by a Somerville Weed Physician

The first step to getting natural cannabis relief is talking with a marijuana doctor about your eligibility. If you don’t already see a doctor with the ability to assess you, you’ll have to find a new doctor to help you out.

During your appointment, the physician will determine if you qualify for MMJ under state law. The law immediately accepts patients suffering from debilitating illnesses like cancer and HIV/AIDS and considers any other condition that makes it hard for you to manage daily living activities.

Once you get the green light from the doctor, they’ll let the Department of Public Health know for you so you can complete the next step.

Asking for a Medical Marijuana ID

The second step of your MMJ journey is sending the state’s DPH a registration form. You can use the PIN that the DPH sends you to complete it online or call them at (617) 660-5370 to get the paper format.

Whichever way you do it, you need to submit a few documents to get approved:

  • A valid form of identification. If applicable, use a document that proves you live in Massachusetts. Since passports and military IDs aren’t issued by the state, you’ll need to include a document that shows your address, like a utility bill.
  • A picture to use for your MMJ card. It has to follow ID picture conventions, such as showing the top of your shoulders up and having a white background. You can take it yourself, use a store’s photo services or use the picture from your ID card if you have it.
  • A $50 payment to cover the registration fee. If you can’t afford the fee, you might be able to get it waived if your income falls under a certain limit.

The DPH has some more information for you on their website.

Finding Somerville Marijuana Doctors

To find an MMJ doctor near Somerville, you can use our directory of physicians by putting your location into our search box. If you know a doctor who wants to become eligible to sign you up, they can check out these resources for doctors.

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