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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Northampton, MA

Looking for medical marijuana in Northampton? You have to consult with a doctor and go through the Department of Public Health’s signup process. Massachusetts has a simple registration process, but it always helps to have everything laid out for you — that’s why we’re here.

Massachusetts’ MMJ application process can be broken down into two easy steps:

  1. Ask your doctor to assess you for your eligibility for the MMJ program
  2. Submit an application to the Department of Public Health

How Do I Know if the DPH Will Approve Me?

State law mentions some conditions that can definitely get help from the MMJ program:

It also includes illnesses that severely impact your day-to-day abilities. So, if you have symptoms like weakness, chronic pain or extreme weight loss, you could be approved as well.

Talking With Your Doctor

When it comes to searching for a doctor registered to certify patients for medical marijuana, you might be in luck. The registration process for physicians is super simple, so many doctors in the state have it.

Whether you visit your primary physician or a brand-new doctor, they’ll interview you about your symptoms and medical history to judge whether MMJ is safe and legal for you. If they decide that you qualify, they’ll create a certification and give it to the state electronically.

Registering With the Massachusetts DPH

Now that the state has your certification, they’ll email you a PIN number to use to sign into their online registration portal. If you’d rather mail in a paper application, you can call the DPH at (617) 660-5370 to ask for one.

The DPH has a detailed overview of the registration procedure in an online PDF. Make sure to have the relevant documents on hand, such as a valid form of ID, proof of residency if it’s not on your ID and a picture for your MMJ card.

Once you have a medical marijuana card, you can go to a state-licensed dispensary to buy your new natural medicine. You can carry 60 days’ worth of medicine, or ten ounces, at one time.

Where Do I Find a Marijuana Doctor in Northampton?

If your doctor isn’t approved to recommend medical marijuana and doesn’t want to register to do so, you’ll have to look for a different one who’s registered. Our directory, which you can browse using the search bar, can help you find one.

Patients who want to help their doctor get certified to provide MMJ can direct them to the DPH’s physician information.

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