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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Hanover, MA

No patient deserves to go without the care they deserve. Even though Massachusetts currently permits legal access to recreational marijuana, that doesn’t mean you should forgo seeing a cannabis-friendly doctor who can provide you with necessary healthcare assistance, too. When you enlist the help of a trained medical professional, you can significantly increase your chances of experiencing success as you work to find the ideal wellness plan suited for you.

Why Become a Patient When Recreational Marijuana Is Legal?

On November 6, 2012, Massachusetts legislators approved a bill that authorized legal access to medical marijuana for qualifying patients requiring treatment. Today, this law grants patients legal access to a sixty-day supply of medical marijuana medications — or roughly 10 ounces per time.

However, patients are no longer required to reach out to a medical professional to receive cannabis products. Massachusetts has responded to the nation’s growing support for marijuana by allowing recreational-users to purchase marijuana in quantities of up to 1 oz, too.

In a state that has legalized both medical and recreational cannabis, you may wonder if there are any benefits of meeting with a trained health professional.

While you don’t have to possess a medical condition to enjoy marijuana access, there are many advantages of meeting with a health professional if you do. When you choose to register as a medical marijuana patient, you’ll enjoy the following perks:

  • Guidance from a knowledgeable physician who can oversee your progress
  • Emotional support from a team of trained doctors and nurses
  • Answers to any inquiries about dosages, products and more.

You can buy marijuana from a recreational store, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to register as a state-approved medical marijuana patient, too.

Why Scheduling a Visit With a Doctor Is Crucial

In Massachusetts, cultivation rights are only granted to select individuals who have difficulty reaching a marijuana dispensary due to physical or financial limitations. Because cultivation laws can be uncertain, it’s always best to visit a certified dispensary for safe, secure access to the medical marijuana you need.  You’ll never have to worry about unknown sources supplying your medication, as all marijuana products are lab-tested for quality and potency assurance.

Are you ready to experience top-quality care while enjoying the benefits provided by knowledgeable doctors? Connect with an authorized medical professional in Hanover, MA, today!

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