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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Fall River, MA

Massachusetts is an MMJ state with plenty of options for you to get your “green card.”  So, like anywhere else in the state, Fall River, Mass., patients should be able to get relief in no time if they understand the process. We’ll educate you on the steps it takes to register.

Step One: Visit a Doctor

The first step to getting a medical marijuana card from the state is getting a certification from a registered physician. If yours has already registered, you don’t have to find another doctor. But, if your doctor isn’t approved by the state and refuses to apply, you may have to go elsewhere.

If you do have to look for a different doctor, you’ll also need to establish a physician-patient relationship with them by seeing them for ongoing treatment. So, the process may take a little longer in this case.

Once the doctor approves you for MMJ, they’ll send a certification to the state that lets you continue the registration process yourself. You must have an applicable condition to get authorization.

How to Qualify for Massachusetts MMJ

The state does not allow medical marijuana for every condition. That being said, you have a good chance of qualifying if you have a condition that severely impacts your quality of life. These include:

You can also be eligible if you have another condition with equivalent symptoms such as chronic pain, nausea or weakness. In a nutshell, your illness must make it significantly harder to do everyday activities. However, you can’t get MMJ if you’ve had such a condition in the past but aren’t experiencing extreme symptoms now.

If you’re interested, check out more information about medical qualifications in Massachusetts.

Step Two: Send in an Application

After the doctor sends over your certification, the state will send you a PIN number to sign up for the MMJ program online. You can also request a paper application by calling the DPH at (617) 660-5370, but this method takes more time. The state’s DPH has an overview of the application process on their website.

No matter how you apply, you’ll need to have proof that you’re a state resident over 18, an ID photo of yourself and a form of payment. If you don’t have much money, you can give proof of financial hardship to have the $50 fee waived.

Where Are the Weed Doctors in Fall River?

You may not have to look far for a doctor to help you if the one you already see is registered with the state. Also, Massachusetts makes it easy for physicians to become eligible by providing registration online. So, if your doctor hasn’t registered, you could ask them to sign up if they’re willing to work with you.

To give your doctor a hand with the signup process, you can show them the official state resources for physicians.

If you need to find a new doctor, you can browse our database by using our search bar. There are 193 registered physicians in the state.

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