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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Orlando, FL

Like other cities in Florida, cannabis use in Orlando is going through a lot of changes. Recreational marijuana is banned, so patients seeking natural relief must join the state’s medical marijuana program. We can help you navigate these laws and find a marijuana doctor.

Why Do Florida Patients Need a Marijuana Doctor?

Since physicians need to go through special training to work with medical marijuana, not every doctor can recommend it for you. A specialized MMJ doctor can assess you for your eligibility for MMJ and order the recommendations you need to purchase medical marijuana from a dispensary.

The Florida MMJ Eligibility Process

The most important step of your MMJ application is the appointment where an MMJ doctor evaluates your qualification for entering the program. They’ll ask you some questions about your health problems and medical history. Remember to bring your medical records and an ID with you when you go.

Mainly, the doctor wants to know if you have a condition that qualifies. This isn’t always as cut and dry as it seems — the state lists some specific conditions that count, but it also mentions that conditions of a similar scope can qualify you, too.

In addition to looking at your symptoms, the doctor needs to determine that your treatment history is compatible. For instance, Florida law requires you to try other approaches before choosing MMJ. If medical marijuana is the first option you want to pick, you’ll have to pursue other methods beforehand.

Another factor that the doctor will consider is whether the benefits of medical marijuana will outweigh the possible risks it could cause for you. After all, if it will only help you a little bit, will it be worth the side effects?

What to Do After Your Assessment

If Doc thinks that MMJ is a good fit for you, you must see the assessing doctor for three more months before you can get a recommendation. So, you may need to use a backup plan while you wait. Consult with your primary care doctor or MMJ doctor on what you can do during the waiting period.

After the three-month wait, your doctor will send a recommendation to the state that you can use to register for a card online. Once you get your card in the mail, you can have a recommendation sent to the dispensary of your choice so you can purchase your new medicine. You must renew your recommendation every 45 days.

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