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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Gainesville, FL

The most important part of the medical marijuana registration process in Florida is your assessment from a state-certified doctor. But, it can be difficult to understand how to get the process started, let alone find a doctor who can help MMJ patients. We’re going to provide you with an overview of the application process and give you the tools to find a marijuana doctor near Gainesville.

Your Stop at the Doctor’s Office

When you visit the marijuana doctor of your choice, they’ll need a Florida ID and medical records that show you’ve been diagnosed with a qualifying illness.

Florida approves a full spectrum of debilitating conditions for MMJ treatment, including HIV/AIDS, cancer, anxiety, anorexia, Crohn’s disease, glaucoma, epilepsy and chronic pain. The Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use mentions some qualifying conditions on their website.

The doctor will ask you some questions about your condition. Some of the qualifications that they’ll be looking for include:

  • Having a qualifying illness or a disease with similar severity and/or symptoms
  • Requesting MMJ use as an alternative to treatments you’ve already tried
  • Being in a situation where the pros of MMJ treatment outweigh the cons

If the doctor agrees that you should try medical marijuana, you need to see them for three more months before you can sign up for the medical marijuana program. Once you’re clear, you can use the state website to enter your information. Finally, you’ll receive an MMJ card in the mail.

What Can I Do with My MMJ ID?

When you get your green card, don’t take it to the pharmacy — they can’t do anything with it. Since medical marijuana isn’t federally sanctioned, your doctor can only recommend it to you instead of prescribing it. The doctor will send the recommendation to a state-licensed dispensary that can give you the medicine you need.

Your recommendation expires every 45 days — don’t forget to renew it regularly.

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