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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Fort Myers, Fl

Florida medical marijuana laws have evolved to include more conditions and draw in more certified doctors. But, with more options comes more information, which can make it hard to figure out what you need to know. We can help you understand the Florida MMJ process and how to find a doctor in Fort Myers.

Amendment 2 And You

Initially, medical marijuana in Florida was limited to patients with less than a year to live to make their last days easier. However, because of the the passage of Amendment 2, many more patients can take advantage of the healing properties of marijuana.

Amendment 2 qualifies patients with symptoms such as seizures and chronic pain to get medical marijuana to reduce their severity. Instead of just focusing on certain conditions, availability has opened to patients who have conditions with similar traits as officially sanctioned ones.

While Amendment 2 loosens some regulations for MMJ, it also puts protections in place such as mandatory parental consent and patient number limits for care centers to ensure a safe marijuana experience for all.

The Bread and Butter of the MMJ Application

The most important step in applying for a “green card” is to visit a doctor licensed by the state to conduct MMJ assessments. Your primary care physician or specialist might have a license, but if they don’t, you need to visit one who does.

After you find a physician, remember to bring your state ID and medical records including a precise diagnosis with you during your first visit. If you’re under 18, you must also come with a parent or guardian.

During the assessment, the doctor will interview you to determine whether you qualify. The primary qualification is the type of condition you have. Some example illnesses include cancer, HIV/AIDS and PTSD. On the state’s DOH website, you can find a more comprehensive list.

In addition, you must have tried other treatments before giving MMJ a shot, and you need to see the assessing doctor for three months after you get the green light.

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