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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Boca Raton, FL

Need to find a weed doctor near Boca Raton, FL? You found the right place. Florida has some strict regulations on medical cannabis, but we promise it’s not as scary as it sounds. And though Boca Raton prohibits MMJ dispensing, you are still allowed to use it. There are numerous physicians happy to help you find relief if you know where to look.

How Do I Know if My Condition Qualifies?

Your general physician or specialist doctor can help you figure out if the state will let you use medical marijuana. Florida laws require you to have seen the doctor who diagnoses your condition for at least three months beforehand.

Some examples of state-defined eligible illnesses include:

The state will also consider other conditions with similar symptoms and severity. Essentially, it needs to be evident that your doctor believes benefits of MMJ would outweigh the cons of using it to treat you. You also need to have tried other treatments before you can legally give cannabis a shot.

Florida’s Medical Marijuana Registration Process

Visiting a doctor for an evaluation is only a part of the medical marijuana registration process in Florida. After you get approved by a physician, you must sign up with the Department of Health to receive your medical marijuana card. And, after you’re signed up, the state might only let you use low-THC cannabis instead of full-strength medical marijuana.

How Do I Get Approval From a Physician?

You will need to set up an assessment appointment with one of the doctors listed below. When you make your visit, bring a state ID and medical records that prove you have a diagnosis for a qualifying illness. You can also complete a record release form if you’d like — just make sure to double check that the office received them! If you’re under 18, you need to get consent from your legal guardian and bring them along with you.

Finding a State-Licensed Doctor to Assess You

Once you and your doctor have decided to pursue MMJ, you might have to visit another doctor to continue the process if your doctor isn’t certified by the state to recommend marijuana patients.

Don’t worry, though — it’s easy to find certified doctors near you. Florida provides a list of approved doctors that includes addresses and phone numbers. We also might have nearby doctors in our directory.

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