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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Longmont, CO

Thinking of getting evaluated by a cannabis-positive doctor in Longmont? You can greatly enhance your treatment by enlisting their services. Since local laws have some control over marijuana laws, every Colorado city has its own factors for patients to consider when becoming a registered patient. Find out how professional medical services can help you as a Longmont medicinal cannabis patient.

Longmont’s Policies on Marijuana Sales

At the time of writing, Longmont is in the middle of establishing four licensed cannabis businesses in the city. Two will offer only adult-use products, while the other two will have both recreational and medical items. So, adults over 21 will have local access to marijuana, but you must wait until after the summer of 2018.

Why You Still Need a Medical Marijuana Card

In addition to being unable to wait for legal stores in Longmont, you should consider getting a medical card if you:

  • Are under 21
  • Need a caregiver to purchase medicine for you
  • Want as many dispensary choices as possible
  • Require medical-grade products for your condition
  • Have a condition or life situation where you need higher possession, cultivation and purchase limits
  • Want to integrate cannabis medicine into your standard healthcare services
  • Want to pay less for medicine

A Colorado “red card” and specialized medical care can solve these problems by:

  • Letting patients under 21 get medicine through a legal guardian
  • Authorizing caregivers to help you with treatment
  • Expanding your statewide choices to both recreational and medical dispensaries
  • Giving you access to high-strength medical products
  • Increasing the number of plants you can grow, as well as the amount of medicine you can purchase and carry
  • Enabling you to get help from a doctor trained in cannabis and standard medicine
  • Allowing you to pay lower taxes on marijuana purchases

Visit a Cannabis Doctor Near You to See If You Qualify

If you fall into one of these categories or can think of another way a doctor’s help can address your symptoms, make an appointment with one of the physicians below today.

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