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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Santa Clarita, CA

Doctors are the bread and butter of a good medical marijuana treatment plan. They write recommendations and help you get a medical marijuana card. Since they understand that cannabis works just as well or even better than pharmaceuticals, you don’t face discrimination. Doctors with marijuana training understand the interactions between cannabis medicine and your body. Santa Clarita patients have unique factors to consider when getting authorization from a doctor — find out why.

Getting Your Medicine in Santa Clarita

As a Santa Clarita patient, you have three options for obtaining medication:

  • Growing up to six plants in your home
  • Requesting delivery from a licensed medical dispensary
  • Visiting a cannabis business out of town

You see, Santa Clarita doesn’t let dispensaries do business within city limits, but they do let authorized patients get their medicine delivered. Residents without permission to use marijuana medically can’t take advantage of deliveries, forcing them to choose from the other two options. Even if you have the ability and resources to go out of town, delivery is much more convenient.

If you do travel to another area to buy medicine, you have fewer dispensaries to shop at without a cannabis card. Since medical collectives have been around longer than adult-use stores, you’ll find more of them throughout the state.

Medical Marijuana Treatment Is Better With a Doctor’s Help

When you get a medical recommendation or card through your doctor, you aren’t just getting access to their help. You’re also enlisting a medically trained dispensary team. Medicinal marijuana dispensaries have experienced staff who take a patient-focused approach. Some even have licensed medical consultants who will work together with you to pick the perfect medication.

Other Advantages of Registering as a Patient

The recommendation and medical marijuana card you get through your physician let you:

  • Pay fewer taxes on medicine and get special patient discounts at certain dispensaries
  • Purchase stronger medication for difficult conditions
  • Get medical cannabis as a patient under 2

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