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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Santa Clara, CA

Informed patients know getting help from a marijuana-trained physician gives them optimal control over their treatment. Even though California now allows recreational cannabis activities for 21+ adults, you can’t beat the support of a knowledgeable medical professional. Plus, discrepancies in state and local laws reduce your options as a non-certified patient. Find out why you should work with a cannabis-friendly doctor in Santa Clara.

California’s Distinction Between Personal Use Laws and Business Laws

Thanks to state law approved in 2016, folks over 21 can cultivate, own and consume marijuana. But, here’s the thing — municipalities can enforce laws restricting or banning dispensaries. Local regulations can vary wildly throughout the state, making it difficult to understand where you can buy medicine.

At the time of writing, Santa Clara is in a bit of a gray area. The city government plans to put regulations in place that let dispensaries operate safely and legitimately. But, these laws won’t become official until the end of 2018. That leaves patients with growing cannabis or getting it from another city.

Broaden Your Horizons With Help From a Physician

One of the greatest perks of a cannabis-positive doctor’s support is the ability to get a recommendation and medical marijuana card with their documentation. Patients with a card or recommendation can get medicine from medical dispensaries.

While Santa Clara doesn’t have medical dispensaries, you can pick from every location available outside town if you have a medical card. Otherwise, you could only go to the limited amount of adult-use stores out there. And when you go to a medical collective, you can get stronger forms of medicine not found at 21+ retailers. These locations also have specially trained staff who know how to help patients.

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