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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Roseville, CA

Just like with standard medicine, it’s important to work with a qualified doctor when taking medical marijuana. Physicians not only guide you through your treatment, but they also help you get recommendations and a medical cannabis card. Let’s talk about factors to consider as a Roseville resident and how a cannabis-certified doctor can help.

Can’t I Just Get Recreational Marijuana?

As a California citizen, you may consider skipping the doctor’s visit and getting your medicine from an adult-use store. But, you can’t buy recreational marijuana in every California city. Not to mention that some places don’t even let medical dispensaries operate. In fact, Roseville bans all kinds of cannabis businesses, including delivery services. That leaves you with growing your own medicine or visiting a dispensary outside the city.

Among the dispensaries you’ll find outside city limits, there are fewer recreational than medical collectives. Municipalities are more likely to forbid recreational marijuana business than medical dispensaries. Besides, collectives have had more time to establish themselves. Plus, when you join a collective, they can give you personalized medical advice you won’t get at retail stores.

Getting a recommendation or medicinal cannabis card through a doctor acts as an all-access pass to the resources available to patients.

Other Reasons to Get a Recommendation/Card

Establishing a doctor-patient relationship and getting authorization lets you:

  • Save money with waived sales and use tax on medicine and special patient discounts
  • Receive the support of a trained medical professional who knows how your body works
  • Get access to high-THC topicals, edibles and tinctures that help patients with severe conditions
  • Use dispensary services even as an under-21 patient

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As you can see, the benefits a doctor provides are crucial to a comprehensive medical marijuana experience. Choose from our directory of cannabis-friendly physicians today.

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