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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Reseda, CA

As a Los Angeles neighborhood, Reseda patients benefit from same freedoms as the rest of the city. But, just because you can get legal recreational marijuana doesn’t mean you don’t have to work with a doctor. Cannabis-friendly physicians can write you a recommendation and guide your treatment. Learn why you should make an appointment with a marijuana-trained doctor in Reseda.

The Differences Between Local and State Marijuana Laws

In 2016, California voters said “yes” to legalized adult-use cannabis statewide. Now, you can do some marijuana activities in private without a doctor’s authorization no matter where you live. But, local governments have the freedom to regulate cannabis businesses, meaning some places have limited dispensaries or none at all.

Fortunately, Los Angeles lets recreational and medical dispensaries do business as long as they have the proper permits. However, that doesn’t mean other places in the state have the same rules. Getting a recommendation or a card from a doctor guarantees access to medical dispensaries throughout California.

Your All-Access Pass to Patient Resources

Even if you can shop at adult-use stores, your options will still be limited compared to a patient with a doctor’s recommendation. While you could only choose from the recreational stores Los Angeles has to offer, a certified patient can go to every dispensary in town. Medical dispensaries also have staff members trained to support patients and counsel them on their treatment plan.

And, of course, don’t underestimate the benefits of a marijuana doctor’s services. Physicians already understand how our bodies work, and cannabis-friendly ones know how medical marijuana fits into the equation. They can help you with your dosage, type of medicine and treatment schedule.

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By getting help from a doctor experienced in cannabis medicine, you’re making an investment into a healthy future. Find the right physician for your needs from the listings below.

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