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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Los Angeles, CA

The perks of living in LA as a medicinal cannabis patient include a robust marijuana industry. Cannabis-positive doctors act as an important part of not only this industry, but also the medical marijuana experience. When you look for a physician to work with, you want to do it right. That’s where we come in. Learn how getting authorization from a doctor can give you more control over your treatment.

State Cannabis Laws vs. Local Regulations

California may have legalized recreational marijuana in 2016, but local legislation can still enforce restrictions on cannabis businesses. Not every municipality gave aspiring dispensaries the green light when the state began issuing permits in 2018. Local laws can’t prevent you from using, growing and owning marijuana within state limits, but they can change your options for access.

While some parts of California ban recreational or all cannabis business, Los Angeles permits medical collectives and retail stores to operate. If an establishment gets the right permit and follows the law, they’re welcome to serve patients and customers. This means you can find safe, legal medicine throughout the city. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t still benefit from becoming a registered patient.

The Perks of Getting a Recommendation From Your Doctor

When your doctor recommends cannabis medicine, you can use their approval to sign up for a state medical marijuana card. This card lets you join collectives and buy stronger medication adult-use customers can’t. Although you could buy from a recreational store, medical collectives specifically serve patients and have trained experts on staff. If you take your health seriously, a medicinal cannabis ID opens more treatment options.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that registered patients don’t have to pay use and sales tax on their medicine. Some dispensaries offer extra discounts for cardholders, too.

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