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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Lakewood, CA

Patients in every state should take advantage of the services offered to them for their medical marijuana treatment. Even in states like California with legal recreational marijuana, visiting a doctor and joining the state registry gives you perks you wouldn’t have otherwise. Learn why you should get services from a cannabis-friendly doctor in Lakewood.

What Lakewood Patients Should Know About State and Local Laws

In the United States, we have a split between federal and state marijuana laws in the United States. A similar difference can happen between state and local law. Some parts of the state’s adult-use laws are left up to municipal governments, while others can’t be overridden. While everyone over 21 can use marijuana in private, possess it and grow it, other aspects vary by area.

Cities with conservative stances on cannabis, like Lakewood, can still enforce strict laws that limit access to medicine. The city’s most recent publicly available document mentioning marijuana laws is a 2016 City Council meeting record implementing a ban on all cannabis-related activities. While this ordinance can’t forbid the personal activities now approved by state law, the government can still ban:

  • Recreational and medical dispensaries
  • Deliveries inside the city
  • Processing and growing facilities

If you don’t want to grow your own medicine, you have very limited options nearby. So, you need as many choices as you can get by getting a doctor’s recommendation.

Your Doctor’s Visit

In California, you can work with any licensed doctor to get a recommendation. If they haven’t already diagnosed you with the condition you want to treat, you must get an examination. The state requires a documented diagnosis created by the doctor writing your recommendation. You will also need to request papers stating the physician thinks medical marijuana is appropriate for your ailment.

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